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Mister Amiss Releases a Hopeful and Dreamy Tune With, "When You Get Better"

Los Angeles-based solo recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Mister Amiss releases a hopeful and hazy new single entitled "When You Get Better."

Mister Amiss (Gavin McDonald) was a touring musician and drummer for 15 odd years, leading him to his first-ever solo endeavor, which emerged as a series of demo tapes. Now stepping out from behind the drum set, Mister Amiss creates spacey dream-pop with elements of shoegaze and his unaffected lyrics.

Recently releasing his spirited and optimistic single, "When You Get Better," the song was inspired by Mister Amiss' long-distance girlfriend who suffered a devastating car accident. With his hazy and dreamy vocals alongside a fluid electric guitar and warm drum breaks, the song makes for a feel-good and refreshing experience.

Taking a deeper listen to "When You Get Better," the song brightly opens with a bold electric guitar melody alongside swift drum arrangements. As Mister Amiss makes his hazy and reverbed vocal appearance, he begins to expand on how he yearns for his lover to return once they're back and better than ever. As the song continues, Mister Amiss offers various instrumental and sonic shifts that up the song's emotion and passion.

Continuing our venture through the lush and dreamy song, Mister Amiss makes the experience all the more memorable with his vulnerable lyrics that anyone can relate to. Not to mention his incredible production and skilled instrumental arrangements, the song truly leaves us feeling refreshed and in a dream-like state.

Transport yourself into the dreamy bliss of Mister Amiss' latest single, "When You Get Better," and find the song on all digital streaming platforms.

We're truly feeling lifted after listening to your heartfelt and dreamy release, "When You Get Better." Was this song inspired by your girlfriend's accident? What message did you want to get across in this piece?

It was inspired by her accident, yes. When I originally wrote the demo, it was all in one sitting at my apartment and the lyrics were finished on the spot. I never meant for it to be heard by anyone else besides her, so the message was quite direct and poignant. The song is a reminder of what was, and I wanted an answer to what would be, knowing that only time would give me that answer.

We can't get enough of the dreamy pop/shoegaze instrumentation within your single, "When You Get Better." Why did you choose to create this feel-good and dreamy atmosphere to back up your emotional lyricism?

I suppose this is just what naturally comes out musically for me. I’m very drawn to melodies, ones that you can’t un-hear, but especially when they are delivered in a way that doesn’t slap you across the face. I like the idea of something getting stuck in your head subtly, growing over time and not exactly immediate. As far as instrumentation, I knew once I decided to flesh out the demo that I would call my friend and favorite guitarist Logan MacKenzie to play guitar and capture the dream-like quality that I felt supported the essence of this particular song. Speaking of your emotional lyricism, was it challenging to write these optimistic lyrics during such an unnerving time? What was your overall songwriting process like for "When You Get Better"?

At the time it was not challenging. It was easier for me to ask a direct question through lyrics, rather than picking up the phone and asking someone that I cared about to make any decisions during what was, as you said, an unnerving time. I could surround that question with a bit of nostalgia and intention. Rather than desperation. What emotions did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing your heartfelt single, "When You Get Better"?

I really think it’s a simple song, it’s not a unique message. Everyone can relate to wondering if someone will return to them, will choose them, in a way. If I could hope that it stirs any feelings for the listener, it would probably be just that, to feel. Anything at all. Will you continue releasing such emotional and heartfelt pieces like "When You Get Better" in the future? Or do you plan on switching it up after this piece?

Most of the songs from my upcoming ep will have a similar thread of uncertainty and loss. Some songs are more sad-sounding than others, but the sentiment is consistent. What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

This is my first solo project, by trade I am a drummer. So in some ways, I may be finding my sound, but this collection of songs will certainly make you feel something. That’s always been my thing, to be a part of creative projects that demand an emotional reaction from the listener, so I hope it accomplishes that. Also, stick around - if you don’t love this song you might just love the next one.

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