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Mjkillz Express The Big Picture In, “Keep It A Brick”

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, is the determined songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist Mjkillz with his killer new single, "Keep It A Brick."

Mjkillz always had a dream of reaching critical acclaim for something he was passionate about. He would try and try again to find something that interested him, which headed towards creating YouTube videos, rapping, and producing. Fast forward to today, Mjkillz is making those dreams a reality with expressive and honest tracks that bask in the glory of modern hip-hop.

He showcases this incredible talent in singles like the latest, "Keep It A Brick," Mjkillz's second single of the year. Listeners shouldn't expect anything less than what Mjkillz does best, spitting relatable and conceptual bars that establish a firm connection between him and any listener.

Expanding on the song, "Keep It A Brick," the experience opens with a warm and light piano melody that drifts into a killer and exciting hip-hop beat. Mjkillz wastes no time jumping into his heavy bars that dissect the constant grind and his addiction to making bands. The spacious and sci-fi-esque synths give the song a heaping amount of modernity that chills the spine.

Mjkillz's bars continue flowing through our speakers while discussing themes like loyalty, the creative process, and finding balance in his busy life. All while this is happening, the buzzy production keeps the rich and vibrant vibe alive that sparks a fire in our souls. Mjkillz drifts towards the outro with confidence and reminds us that staying focussed on our goals is essential.

Looking for a contemporary hip-hop track to blast all summer long? Look no further than Mjkillz's latest single, "Keep It A Brick," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mjkillz. We love the intensity and excitement you brought to your latest single, "Keep It A Brick." What was your source of inspiration for this new single?

I wanted to create a unique sound that the fans and people who listened to it could gravitate to. I bring more of a thrill and energetic feeling to my music, so when I created this track, I knew it was what I wanted.

Did you produce the heavy sonics yourself for "Keep It A Brick?" Or did you team up with any producers to help bring the vibe to life?

Almost all my songs are produced by me. This song, specifically, I produced on a regular day. From the piano to the 808s, you can hear the feeling of excitement in me. Keep It A Brick was the exact sound I needed to get people's attention.

What was your favorite part about creating "Keep It A Brick?" What parts of the experience did you enjoy the most?

The thing I enjoyed the most was the recording process. I make most of my music at home because it’s where I always feel most comfortable. While recording, I was already thinking of how I wanted to flow and make the song pop, but once I played everything back, I was mind blown.

What did you want to get across to listeners with your heated bars in "Keep It A Brick?" What did you want them to pick up on?

The message behind the song is that no matter what you’re going through, stay solid, keep it real, and make shit happen. Anything is possible, so do whatever you want while keeping it a brick!

What's next for you?

What you can expect from Mjkillz is more music, shows, videos, and merch, and you can also expect a project from me real soon. Nothing but the best for the fans and my supporters. I’m just living proof of making things possible. Continue to stream Keep It A Brick on all music platforms, and check out the music video now on YouTube!


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