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MKHL Announces Release Of Sophomore Album On May 8

London-born rapper and independent hip-hop recording artist MKHL announces the release of his sophomore self-titled album, 'MKHL,' on May 8.

The new album comes on MKHL's (Mikhael Naylor) 28th birthday, helping listeners get to know the full extent of his capabilities and artistic mission.

MKHL was once releasing music under the moniker Poorly Made, where he received praise from outlets like COMPLEX and many more. His debut album 'Oh-Sama,' is broadly influenced by New York underground rappers that MKHL formed into the Scrape Squad and MAX, which later sold out iconic venues with jam-packed audiences.

Now, MKHL is preparing to take his discography even further with the forthcoming release of his sophomore album, 'MKHL,' click here to check out the teaser for "Or 2 (feat. Wiz Da Kidd & Xavier Jacobs)."

The new album features a wide variety of artists like Wiz Da Kidd, Xavier Jacobs, Jadakiss, Compton Menace, and One-Day Ryan. Check out his website for more information on his new self-titled album, 'MKHL,' hitting digital streaming platforms on May 8.


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