MKHL Gets The Green Light For New Track, "Squid Game"

MKHL is a London-bred artist, who has been making a way out of no way since day one. Starting off as a Country artist with influences like Kings of Leon and Coldplay, he made the most out of what he had when he learned to play music on his five-string guitar that should've been six.

Now delving into the genre of Hip-hop, he admires the elements that comprise where the soul comes from. Recognizing that this genre is like no other, everything surrounding the authenticity of these sounds has led MKHL to where we see him today. Playing upon the latest craze that is the hit Netflix series Squid Game, MKHL recruits Nate the Great and Young Bizzle in order to make a memorable track that fits the pandemonium struck.

The dark yet enticing drill-style beat has us embracing instrumentation that keeps us on our toes. The impeccable use of beat drops and sporadic drum patterns allow MKHL to cascade his powerful emcee abilities across the production. Complementing the vocal hues in a way that leaves us with a significant amount of anticipation, this collaborative track takes us into the depths of the lyrical dexterity that these artists showcase.

Each bringing their own inimitable styling to “Squid Game,” we get to hear the expressive essence of this record skyrocket your energy as you’re fully locked into the three-minute masterpiece. Leaving us to navigate around the crafty rhyme schemes, MKHL knows exactly how to engage his audience.

The peaks and valleys that are created through the icy slick cadences have us in a trance and wanting to grasp onto more from not only MKHL as an emcee, but the featured artists he chose to recruit for “Squid Game.” Making this a track that you’ll want to turn all the way up, MKHL exceeds our expectations through the ‘red light, green light’ metaphors, and witty use of timing.

We love your latest single “Squid Game.” With there being such a craze around the hit show, when did you know that you would play into the uproar and craft this song?

I knew after episode 1 that I was going to make a song with that "Red light green light" theme. I actually wrote the song while watching episode 2 before I even got the beat

How did the collaboration between yourself, Nate the Great, and Young Bizzle come to be? What was it like working with one another to bring this hit track to life?

I Had the song but no verse or hook yet, I just knew I wanted it to be a mix of energies just like the people in the show. I record Nate the Great and Bizzles more recent music and we had just finished recording Nate's song "Chaos." The energy was right and I showed them the verse I did, the rest is history. We all live in NYC so we actually got together to record this one, something we haven't had much chance to do with the whole pandemic going on.

Do you usually take inspiration from pop culture? What musical and non-musical influences play a role in the music that you create?

I make anime music all day on Soundcloud. I actually found my way into rap using Anime and movies as my influence. One of my biggest songs on SoundCloud right now is "Uchiha Gang" (named after the Uchiha family in Naruto) with over 200k streams.

With being such a hard worker of your craft, what is the best way that your audience can support you?

Right now I'm working on a few projects involving NFT's so the best thing my listeners could do is learn about Crypto and get into collecting. I guess they could also stream Squid games on Spotify and add it to their playlists

What's next for you?

You'll see it in a few months. It'll be everywhere