Mo Reminds Us Of The Grind In, “One Time”

From Atlanta to Texas, songwriter, rapper, producer, and hip-hop recording artist Mo pays homage to the real ones with his latest empowering single, "One Time."

Mo prides himself on demonstrating his artistic side and passion through each musical endeavor, especially his storytelling and honest lyrics. The persistent and versatile songwriter has roots in Charlotte, NC, but is currently making waves in Texas by collaborating as a skilled producer and rapper.

Now, Mo is introducing us to his new and improved yet compelling sound in a new single entitled "One Time," where he floats his way over the lush sonic foreground to pay tribute to those who worked their way up from the dirt without taking shortcuts. We love Mo's dedication and inspirational words in this single; he perfectly reminds us of the importance of reaching your goals and putting in the work to get there.

Jumping into the new single, "One Time," the song kicks off with a heated, hazy, and rhythmic hip-hop beat with warm piano and synth melodies alongside Mo's tender vocal appearance. As he begins to give one time to the OGs and real ones, Mo continues his reflective and honest lyrical venture while the surrounding sonics shine a bright spotlight on each bar.

We love the hazy and relaxed feel of this track; it perfectly allows Mo to get his empowering message across while expanding on the importance of staying persistent when reaching for your dreams. While heading to the outro, Mo takes us around the lush hook one last time to close the song on an introspective and inspirational note.

Keep up the grind with help from Mo's latest empowering single, "One Time," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mo. We love the inspirational and relaxed feel of your latest single, "One Time." Why did you want to create a song that pays tribute to those working hard to make their dreams a reality?

I just wanted to relate to other creatives. I wanted to make something for comfort on this uncomfortable journey we chose and also speak to myself. I needed to release my feelings.

Did you work entirely solo when creating the hazy and lush production for "One Time?" What was that creative process like?

Completely solo. I made the beat for an artist, but it wasn't his style. I'm not that good at finishing beats within a day, but I wanted to go on a streak of finishing beats daily. When I made this I went in with only the thought of just finishing something.

What was the main message or concept you wanted listeners to take away from "One Time?"

I want them to use it as a song of motivation and a release of stress. I want them to listen to this like it's a break-up song.

Do you usually create rather reflective and thought-provoking songs like "One Time?" How does this song help us get to know you better?

Yeah. I try to make songs that make you think but also not too lyrical. I want you to think, but not solve a puzzle in my lyrics. This song is how I think. It's a really accurate representation of where my mind is at the moment. I wrote out what I was thinking and then made it rhyme.