Modern. The Aesthetic Hits Us Like a "Crashing" Wave

Hailing from Nashville, TN, the four-piece alternative rock band Modern. The Aesthetic releases a wave of emotion with their recent single, "Crashing."

Comprised of Michael Lindo, Corey England, Meghan Garrison, and Ben Kennett, the four artists/musicians come from various musical backgrounds. As they blend and indulge in sounds like blues, r&b, pop, and hard rock, Modern. The Aesthetic spent most of 2019-2021 fine-tuning their sound and preparing for a solid introduction.

Currently working on their forthcoming EP, Modern. The Aesthetic is excited to bring listeners into the romantic atmosphere of their latest stimulating single, "Crashing." As they drench us in passion from top to bottom, Modern. The Aesthetic brings us a bounty of emotion to reflect on with help from their picturesque and relatable lyricism.

Listening to "Crashing," the song opens with gentle samples of waves crashing on a beachy shore. As Michael Lindo begins making his sweet vocal appearance alongside his tender and fluid electric guitar, Ben Kennett later transitions the atmosphere into this exhilarating and romantic soundscape with help from his textured drum breaks.

As Corey England's thumping bassline begins plucking its way to our hearts, Meghan Garrison later makes her way in with soothing keyboard melodies that leave us feeling as lifted as ever. Regarding the song's lyricism, Lindo makes the experience all the more stimulating through his words that expand on having his heart torn to pieces while seeking someone real to spend the rest of his days with. As the song comes to a close, Modern. The Aesthetic drives the outro with nothing but passion and excitement, leaving us feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Don't miss out on the enthralling experience of Modern. The Aesthetic