Modern. The Aesthetic Hits Us Like a "Crashing" Wave

Hailing from Nashville, TN, the four-piece alternative rock band Modern. The Aesthetic releases a wave of emotion with their recent single, "Crashing."

Comprised of Michael Lindo, Corey England, Meghan Garrison, and Ben Kennett, the four artists/musicians come from various musical backgrounds. As they blend and indulge in sounds like blues, r&b, pop, and hard rock, Modern. The Aesthetic spent most of 2019-2021 fine-tuning their sound and preparing for a solid introduction.

Currently working on their forthcoming EP, Modern. The Aesthetic is excited to bring listeners into the romantic atmosphere of their latest stimulating single, "Crashing." As they drench us in passion from top to bottom, Modern. The Aesthetic brings us a bounty of emotion to reflect on with help from their picturesque and relatable lyricism.

Listening to "Crashing," the song opens with gentle samples of waves crashing on a beachy shore. As Michael Lindo begins making his sweet vocal appearance alongside his tender and fluid electric guitar, Ben Kennett later transitions the atmosphere into this exhilarating and romantic soundscape with help from his textured drum breaks.

As Corey England's thumping bassline begins plucking its way to our hearts, Meghan Garrison later makes her way in with soothing keyboard melodies that leave us feeling as lifted as ever. Regarding the song's lyricism, Lindo makes the experience all the more stimulating through his words that expand on having his heart torn to pieces while seeking someone real to spend the rest of his days with. As the song comes to a close, Modern. The Aesthetic drives the outro with nothing but passion and excitement, leaving us feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Don't miss out on the enthralling experience of Modern. The Aesthetic's latest single, "Crashing," and keep your eyes and ears peeled for further announcements regarding the band's forthcoming EP later this year.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Modern. The Aesthetic. We adore the heartfelt and romantic venture you've taken us on with your recent single, "Crashing." What inspired your band to create this emotional and passionate single?

Thanks so much for having us! This is Michael here. This tune in particular is one that was already pretty fleshed out before even the formation of the band. When I started college, I took a long break from writing. I was still kind of finding my way, being on my own, playing and jamming with other people, soul searching type stuff. I was living in Boston at the time and was really digging into the Arctic Monkeys catalog. I fell in love with the title track off of their record, Suck it and See. I still love that song. I really loved the simple, shimmering, reverberated guitars and wanted to try experimenting with that sound and creating something of my own. It was the first song I had written after taking that long break. I had the progression and the arrangement figured out but didn’t really have any lyrics outside of the first line you hear in the intro. I wouldn’t end up finishing the lyrics until I moved to Nashville a few years later after I had lived life a bit more.

Seeing that your band is a four-piece, how did you tackle the instrumental creative process for "Crashing?" Was this song born from a jam session, or were you more strategic with this process?

The instrumental really came together progressively as the band started to form. When I moved to Nashville, I reunited with Ben, our drummer, who is one of my best friends from high school and he was the drummer in my 2nd high school band project, MBL Trio. I played him the tune and we worked out a demo and the drum part and then Meghan and Corey came on board and took it to the next level. Corey is really good at finding that driving energy a song needs and channeling that into his bass part and locking in with the drums. Meghan really pulls everything together with the keys and has a great ear for vocal parts and melody. It’s a very guitar-driven tune so we had to spend some time experimenting with keyboards and synthesizers we had and at our friend's studio until we found a sound we were happy with. This song was a bit of a journey to create and we are very happy with how it turned out.

Who tackled the romantic and heartfelt lyric writing for "Crashing?" What theme or message did you want to convey to your audience?

Crashing is a song that means something different to me as time goes on. Earlier it was about this relationship I had that was overall great from beginning to end and just reflecting on the ups and downs of it. It was at the forefront of my mind when I was finishing the lyrics. I think now it’s about how brief love can be but that doesn’t mean that relationship was a failure. Sometimes it’s a learning experience and other times it's just a fun enjoyable experience you have with another person. I’m hoping people will be able to find something in there they can connect with and make their own meaning out of. I tend to write a lot of the lyrics in a kind of stream of consciousness way at first and then as I think about it more and decide which lines I like and which I don’t the message starts to form on its own. A lot of the songs are like that. Honestly, a lot of the writing is an exercise for me in trying to process and describe my own feelings. Trying to be more honest and forthcoming with things is something I’m actively trying to practice and writing is one of the ways that helps me do that.

Should we expect to hear "Crashing" on your forthcoming EP? Or do you plan to take the EP in a different direction?

Crashing will definitely be on the EP along with our first single, Let You Down and a few more tunes we are excited to share. There will be some rock, some soul, some weird psychedelic stuff. We are stoked to put it out for the world to hear soon. Our future releases we are planning on going in a bunch of different directions.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Aside from the EP, which we are working on getting out in the Fall, we’ve got a few video projects in the works currently and we’ve already kind of mapped out this big trilogy style record that we are working on and hoping to start dropping some of those tracks next year. The most exciting thing about the band for us was that we really wanted to take it in a bunch of sonic directions. The next record we are planning will be nothing like the current EP. We all come from playing and enjoying a lot of different styles of music and so it’s exciting to explore all of these other styles with each of us kind of guiding each other on what we are most familiar with. We are just getting started and really excited to see how far we can go.