Moe Carter Tackles Conscious Rap With an Entire New Approach With His EP, “Dr. Satin”

Moe Carter is coming guns blazing with his latest EP titled “Dr. Satin” possibly part one of a potential sequel! This EP begins with the single titled “Satin Synopsis” and this record has a traditional and old school flow with a unique and intricate delivery. The lyrics were highly consciously driven with an intellectual approach. However, it remained digestible due to the super dope arrangement and unique production in the beat. “Satin Synopsis” had special wordplay and bars that captures your attention. The next single that transitions in is “JOGG”. “JOGG” continues the unique elemental production that’s equipped with a lot of arrangements you won’t hear in your average album. Based on this, we have acquired the theory that Moe Carter is simply an artist in his own lane. “JOGG” had this super cool robotic dialogue in the middle of the song that led into the flaming transition of flow from Moe Carter. After “JOGG”, “Xanxibar” comes in and by this point, futuristic has met swag rap! Of course, the rooted style in the beats of this album so far has transferred into this record, but what makes this song stands out for me is the catchy hook.

“Xanxibar” is a unique hype song that you can’t compare to anything else. So far, Moe Carter is standing out as a rapper. His style is something we’ve never seen or heard before!

“Shaman” was our personal favorite. This single had this cool west coast vibe to the arrangement, while remaining unorthodox from every other song. Not only was the production was perfection, but Moe Carter’s delivery, flow, and bars in “Shaman” were just completely on point. The hook was catchy and had a memorable effect on its listener. The closing song of this EP was “Placebo”. “Placebo” gives you a spacious break between the beat and the vocals in the introduction that helps you enjoy the vibe of the song a little bit more. The lyrics in “Placebo” felt more simple than the other songs on "Dr. Satin", due to Moe Carter’s slowed down delivery. Moe Carter continues to make sure each song stands apart while remaining similar in style. All in all, “Dr. Satin” was a consciously contextual album that thrives off being authentic and expressive. Moe Carter is a rapper I have never seen before, and this album was fully comprehensive for the lovers of real raw hip-hop. You can listen to the EP “Dr. Satin” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Moe Carter! Mind telling our readers a bit about your upbringing and background?

I was brought up by heavily influenced musical parents my mom occasionally dee-jayed in high school and my pops were a respected rapper in the late 90s locally. I grew a passion for rapping around 97 in around Fall time my Senior had me on punishment for messing up in school so I could only do 3 things at the time and that did homework, watch the news, and listen to him and his homeboy's rap over beats about 3 rooms down from mines. They rapped over mad varieties of beat selections but the one that stuck out was a TONY instrumental from Capone n N.O.R.E. I was feeling the vibe and sample they used for the breaks, I picked up a pad and the rest was history I mean of course I wasn't as skilled as I am today but it was time to be taken that molded me into a great rhymer.

Who would you consider some of your major influences for rap and why?

I get asked this often and honestly, there's a lot of influences but let's keep it on rap and three off the top of my head is Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Styles P hands down. Weezy taught me how to be confident as the underdog he always had his way of being himself and taking risks in music culture in a way of being comfortable in his skin regardless if you love or hate him, you can't stop the machine he's built. Hov I don't know how to start, too many ways he's our modern-day renaissance man who always keeps his head on swivel in a business sense the only cats rapping back in the day doing it on a level like that was him and another OG from New Orleans but anyway that's what Jay-Z has stamped on me and other aspiring businessmen, gain your assets and don't spend your checks on an abundance of flash, cars, drugs, women; be smart get your land, 401ks, life insurance and play the long game; raise that money tree proper. Styles P is my fav rapper hands down last but not least from him I found inspiration on how to display my emotions on wax whether its pain or glory. S.P. is a humble and loyal person I always looked up to those characteristics from him and his camp respectively.

Your EP “Dr. Satin” was super unique and dope! What was the main theme behind the intricate songs of this project?

Thank you guys very much, simply put it was a personal spinoff of the Dr. Strange comic book series but instead of fighting enemies I'm fighting my mental problems with some help from the allies of my label SGMG. From giving you a survey of my opinions towards society, relationships, judgment, and other subjects that makes us self conscious and reluctant to sit down and talk about; I'm expressing myself to gain an inner balance mentally to not be affected with what goes on in life and to keep being myself regardless of change or what people think is cool or not.

How would you describe our songwriting approach? Which song on “Dr. Satin” best represents your artistry and why?

My songwriting approach is based off the mood the instrumentals give me but most of the time it starts off with writing either 4 impactful bars with heavy detail or something easy and catchy to remember, track number two titled "JOGG" is the best representation of my writing ability because it allows me to kinda freeflow my thoughts into rhyme schemes and syllables to where I'm just in tune with my environment and whatever vibe I get from it just turns into plenty of raw expression and ideas. I pretty much ran with this format on about 20 songs and 11 made the cut, you guys will hear the other 6 sometime in 2020 on Dr. Satin Part 2.

What were some of the challenges you face in the making of this EP?

Timing, engineering, and balancing my music life with parenthood I got a daughter who has me wrapped around her finger (laughs). I won't say it made the music-making process difficult but either date had to get pushed back, mixes didn't come back in the because certain files got lost, the promotion wasn't set upright. Those types of things that's why I'm currently seeking management sometime soon hopefully so I can focus on the music a bit more and keep those songs coming for the people who love it, shoutouts to all of y'all.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 Moe Carter?

A catalog of music I'm going in next year! First off I got another EP titled "MoeJoe" releasing exclusively on SoundCloud it got some bangers on there, my clothing line "GIIK Armii will be making its t-shirt premiere in the middle of the year, a surprise LP is in the works for December I can't give the title name at the moment, and I'm also collaborating with my NMLS (No More Ls) group all year round who's been gaining a pretty nice buzz over social media as well and you can find all of this greatness at make sure you subscribe to the mailing list trust me if you love great music and even greater people you wouldn't want to miss it!