#NowPlaying: Mokotow's “Running On All Fours”

There’s plenty to find fascinating about Mike Mokotow, who describes himself as “the illegitimate son of musicians fleeing Cold War-torn Poland for the United States.” He shares a moniker with the “cool” neighbourhood in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, where plenty of foreign embassies and corporations are based. He's a guy who can’t help but take big gambles. He was deeply impacted by his father’s death, which happened during his teenage years. And he’s fronted the Butchers of Sky Valley, a blues outfit, which prepared him for his current music trajectory.

“Running On All Fours,” his latest release, is bleak, but rich in layers. The syncopated rimshots keep things moving and swaying. The video is lush in its scenery, but blue and black in presentation. We start with a quote from The Odyssey “…Why take me for a god? No, no,/I am that father whom your boyhood lacked/and suffered pain for lack of, I am he." It is a gut punch given the context. On this track, Mokotow did all the vocals, percussion, electric guitar, synthesizer, drum programming, and lead guitar work. And it’s part of a ten-song debut album titled Domino, from Heeled & Heavy records.

The song keeps things turning and swerving, like a wet log on the fire. It's always smouldering, but never exultant. The bearded subject in the video drops to his knees and then on his face. He’s by the ocean, but he can’t feel it’s healing power. This song would work real well in a dingy club after a few beers on a night that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There is a kind of sadness that men keep hidden inside or do not know how to express. There’s some of that showing through here.

Listen to "Running On All Fours" by "Mokotow" here and get to know Mokotow in our interview below!

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