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Molly Annelle Provides Listeners With Luxury in Her Latest Single “Dior”

The ever-so-talented Vancouver songstress Molly Annelle began her journey at the tender age of five. Four years later, at just nine years old, she was named Young Composer of the Year, writing four-part harmonies for the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Encouraged by family and teachers alike, the young musician found her voice in honest lyricism and devoted storytelling, which has continued to set her apart.

Adopting the kind of drive and ambition that happened to catch the attention of 604 Records' Jonathan Simkin has resulted in Molly Annelle's label debut. With the 300,000+ streams pushing her to continue on the route of dedication and perseverance, Molly Annelle ramps up to share her brand new, high-end release titled "Dior."

Swarming us with a rich composition that lusciously takes over the speakers, we're immersed in the intoxicating universe of an almost ethereal ambiance. Molly Annelle displays a heartfelt wit from the passion she pours from within herself. Professing a series of tantalizing words that trickle into beautifully crafted lyrical motifs, there's a vital essence that comes hailing from the burning desire she incorporates into "Dior."

The reflective elements that reside in the instrumentation accompany the peaks and valleys created throughout this masterpiece. Leading you into a tranquil state of cushioned bliss as the tempo makes its way into the captivating grooves cemented by the rhythmic percussion, Molly Annelle's angelic croons grace us in a newfound manner.

"Dior" provides us with a designer listening experience that conveys value every moment you tune in. As Molly Annelle tours us through this wistful glory in a way that allows us to seek out a more profound sense of self, she makes it nearly impossible to shy away from the lyrics performed. Applying dynamism that formulates a harmonic state of enthusiasm in the quality mix of "Dior," she has us wanting to explore further her vision in all that is left to come on her ventures with 604 Records.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Molly Annelle, and congratulations on the release of "Dior." With such a wealthy song name, what inspired you to tap into this rich concept throughout the record?

Thank you so much. I'm so excited to release this baby to the world finally! When this song was conceptualized, we were just having fun with it. Louise, Parker, and I wanted to paint a vivid picture of extravagance and femininity. I always gravitated towards Dior of all the luxury brands in the world because it exudes the most feminine, fancy energy to me! The writing session for this song was so fun and exciting, and I believe that energy translates through the song.

With this song being your second single release with 604 Records, what does it say about you as an artist and individual?

This song is the perfect transition out of Elevator Music (my last album) and into my following metamorphosis as an artist. Because I worked on Elevator Music from the age of 15, and I'm 18 now, I feel like I've grown up a lot and settled into my sound and aesthetic. Dior is the song that showcases me in the light in which I truly feel like my own person.

How has working with 604 Records allowed you to open yourself in a more artistic way? How does the team help to enhance your visions?

Being part of such an amazing label is a true blessing. Working with such talented, humble, driven, and kind individuals have made me want to improve my skills and encouraged me to expand on every idea. Especially when working with Louise Burns, I feel my visions being enhanced by her expertise, and she understands exactly how my brain works!

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you allow that to tie into everything you do?

My mission as an artist is to make people feel good. You know those songs that make you feel warm all over, and you listen to it on repeat? Or you can't wait to wake up in the morning to listen to it again? I want to make music that moves people. I want to make people feel something. Music is so powerful because it can change your mood, and I want to change people's moods for the better.

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