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Mon Rovîa Shows Elements Of Vulnerability In “When The World Goes Dark”

Mon Rovîa, also known as Andrew Lowe, is an artist like no other. With a compelling background, he has a voice that needs to be heard and a story to tell. Mon Rovîa came to America during the civil war of his country. (Liberia, West Africa). An indie musician and rap artist, Mon Rovîa is anticipating the release of his first full album debut on May 3, 2019. Then he will be releasing his indie alternative album in the fall.

Mon Rovîa released his single titled When The World Goes Dark”. This piece begins with a captivating piano melody and hums from the vocalist right before the vibrant trap beat transitions in and curates the perfect hip-hop element. Mon Rovîa sings in a specific cursive style that I believe is highly rare yet incredibly intriguing. His ability to ride his beat and deliver a flow with the uppermost breathe control painted an image of versatility to Mon Rovîa. "When The World Goes Dark" weaves the lines between dark and light while keeping the fresh appeal to the record. Mon Rovîa assures his listeners with his enticing songwriting skills. If you think of Post Malone and his ability to augment his music in an overwhelmingly pleasant delivery, then you will understand when I say that Mon Rovîa is a stand-out artist who knows how to translate himself well across this modern generation of hip-hop fans while not losing his sense of personal artistry.

Check out Mon Rovîa's unreal single here. Read more about Andrew in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Andrew, we're so happy to be talking with you. Tell our readers about yourself and your music!

I am an indie musician and a rapper, I was born in Liberia West Africa, and adopted and then taken to the states. I do not really have a hometown, I moved a lot growing up and so never really grew up anywhere. I started doing Mon Rovîa last year and it’s been a steady journey. I couldn’t be doing any of this though if it weren’t for my faith in God, and two of my closest friends that believe in me, Riley, and Dali, they both really challenged me and made me see I could do this. My music is currently hip hop vibes, I am all about the feel of a song, not just loud beats. But yeah I’m finishing up my first rap album, which is due May 3rd. Then I will be transitioning to an indie album for the fall, I’m really stoked about it. Really excited for the future, and hopeful for better things, for all of us.

Can you tell us the meaning behind your new song “When The World Goes Dark”?

The song speaks about a lover, who wants to be the best he can be, but his addictions to drinking or just the life grind, have consumed him. He now is explaining his issues to the person he loves, as the song progresses, he grows in confidence about standing with her, and leaving these painful habits behind because all he desires is her.

What inspired you to write “When The Dark”? What was the creation process like?

I think just watching different relationships and my own, how when you are in love and are dealing with so much and have past issues and deep sadness how hard it is to be honest and break free from them. We desire to be in “that forever after relationship” but also fear we are just hurting the other person with our issues and breaking their hearts down, because we also love ourselves. Nobody wants to be that person that broke someone’s heart, and the guy is basically like don’t let me, leave. Creating process, 10 min of writing.

What gives you your drive to create music?

People who are lonely and without hope. They inspire me. I want them to know there’s hope, and that they aren’t the only ones who suffer with demons. I want them to know they got someone. Number one God. Number two me.

What’s next for you?

I’m moving to Chattanooga. Continuing my music career of course. Being with Mily, and taking everyday as it comes, and trying to honor God. Then in the fall releasing an indie album. Then more music. Etc etc etc


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