Money Mike Tells Us His Life Story With Honest Track "How to Feel"

The foundation of Money Mike's sound is captured within prominent Rap/Hip-Hop features. Like many artists today, Money Mike uses his music as a way to connect with his listeners about personal experiences. Currently attempting to cultivate his sounding even further, Money Mike sees the potential he has within himself to transform his music even further within 2020. His track "How to Feel" showcases this exact feature we're attempting to outline. The track captures a heavy-hearted atmosphere, so prepare yourself for some of Money Mike's realities.

"How to Feel" is definitely a sounding you won't be expecting to hear, to say the very least! Money Mike is extremely expressive with his sound, and it can be hard to keep up with the lyrical outflow.

This is why as listeners, we really have to focus on Money Mike's sound in order to comprehend the integral messages embedded within. Money Mike creates tracks that are honest, it's obvious with the way "How to Feel" was created and executed. Knowing Money Mike's background, and the numerous hardships that he's gotten himself through, his music is a way to express his perspective on a life that was full of challenges. Listening to Money Mike, you're in for an eclectic rap experience. Listen today to hear for yourself!

Discover "How to Feel" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Money Mike! 2019 has been successful for you. What has been the highlight of your musical journey?

The highlight for me so far has been just being able to finally release some of this music that's been inside of my heart and soul for so long. Then to hear how my music has helped give hope and inspiration to other people has truly meant everything to me.    "How To Feel" is a powerful song. What inspired you to write this track? I wrote "How To Feel" at a time in my life when I was the most hurt and broken. I was numb in every area of my life: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I had been dealing with undiagnosed PTSD for over a decade and writing "How To Feel" actually helped me start to become conscious of it and really began the healing process for me. "How To Feel" highly showcases your lyrical ability. Tell us about your writing style. How do you get into the creative process and execute a song like this one?

For me, music is all about feeling and emotions. So when I hear a beat I like to just sit and vibe with it and see what comes to me. With "How To Feel" I was going through so much at the time, I started free-styling the chorus and then basically stream of consciously wrote the verses. It was like I was both trying to explain how I felt and understand it myself at the same time. If you could collaborate with any artist, who and why?

Andre 3000 hands down. He's always been one my favorite artist and I think we would make something pretty epic.  What's next for Money Mike as we enter a new year? By the grace of God, I'm just gonna keep sharing my music and my story with the world. This is all just the beginning and I'm excited about everything else that's on the way.