MoneyHouse kev Releases Vibe-Worthy Track, "Chop"

Queens, NY artist MoneyHouse kev involves himself in a multitude of projects, including music-based projects, as well as business-related adventures.

With a strong appreciation for music, MoneyHouse kev always found himself gravitating towards classical and pop music, although hip/hop was quite the complementary genre to his artistic style. Now rooting himself in the hip/hop music scene, MoneyHouse kev is only rising up with his clever and creative mindset, which naturally shows up within his music. The latest project that MoneyHouse kev released was titled "Chop." Right away you can feel the high-quality energy that seethes from the track. MoneyHouse kev always applies a clear sense of confidence to his lyrical flow and didn't wary with this single in the slightest. With "Chop," listeners are able to understand the lack of boundaries MoneyHouse kev has with his delivery. He can blur the lines between hip/hop and contemporary pop, which definitely keeps listeners attracted and fixated on his modern flairs.

There are a ton of themes covered in "Chop." MoneyHouse kev begins by outlining the characteristics of inauthentic individuals, which soon turns into an anecdotal outflow of his own perception surrounding friends, loyalness amongst friends, as well as himself. "Chop" contained an intriguing story and even more intriguing, vibe-worthy beats. MoneyHouse kev really solidified a spot for himself with this song release, which keeps us on our toes for what he'll be able to achieve next.

"Chop" is now available on major streaming platforms.

How does it feel now that "Chop" is fully released to the music world?

It feels like a relief honestly, I feel like Chop is the song where I set a tone for myself as an artist. Chop is one of the first songs where I really got comfortable with my sound and presence and that’s what I wanted the world to see, I wanted them to see my growth also my potential with the lane I’m headed in. What components of "Chop" did you feel allowed the single to be set apart from the current tone heard in the hip/hop music industry?

It’s organic, chop has an original sound that you can’t even compare to other artists. On top of that, it’s coming from a section where this is a reality for us. Nothing is fabricated nor is the negativity glorified. I’m just selling the story, whether I went through it personally, or one of my homies went through and I just know how to turn it into music. If there were any changes you could make to "Chop" now that you've heard it in its full structure?

No, no changes, whatever criticism or feedback I get, I use it towards my next project. Once my product is out, it’s out, and I feel that’s where that value comes in, I get better and better every song, each day that passes, I’m evolving into a greater me, so I feel like it’s unnecessary to dwell on a project when there are unlimited amounts of talent and potential. How did the creative process for "Chop" go for you? Did you hone on any of your childhood music inspirations?

"Chop" came naturally, I was in my studio one day just going through beats, at the time I was dealing with betrayal and disloyalty, and I needed to talk about it. I recorded chop myself but I was short on plugins, I made at least 3 rough drafts before I took it to my homie Ty Benjamin and he helped me with the recording process, told me what to do over, also told me when something sounded good and I was going too hard on myself. He plays a major role in this release especially with his unique skill for mixing songs. Most of my inspiration comes from real-life experiences and my homies around me. Artists like Ty Benjamin, 6ix Change, Lil Rama, & Jay Note are a few of my biggest influences and that’s just from them being so consistent and passionate about what they do. What's next for you?

Rebranding. I set a bar for myself with Chop, and every release after it I plan to execute with precision. Also over time, you kind of grow out of your old skin and you gotta shake it off and embrace the new. I feel like that’s the point I’m at in my career, I just want to learn the new me and show the world what Bosscuz is capable of.