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Mono Davinchi Seamlessly Delivers New Song, "187"

Arman S. Ferguson, known artistically as Mono Davinchi, started life off with many hardships. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Mono Davinchi found himself experiencing a life full of misfortune but never let his faith in seeking and obtaining a better life dwindle.

Today, Mono Davinchi finds himself advancing his career as a recording artist, which he realizes is his ultimate comfort source. Music is truly where the heart, mind, and soul of Mono Davinchi belong, and I'm sure many of us are there with him.

The latest track offering from Mono Davinchi includes "187," which was released along with a music video. "187" is an entire vibe, said. Mono Davinchi articulated his delivery well and reeled listeners in with his versatile rap flow.

Hone into the style he takes on within "187." It's a real mesh between many big-name artists taking on the contemporary Hip-Hop scene today. The vocal articulation gives off Chance the Rapper meets Kid Cudi type of feels. Then, the electric guitar interplay adds an entirely different twist, and we're sent into a complete rap-induced frenzy.

Mono Davinchi speaks on his life and life experiences within "187." He says it how it is, and you'll catch onto that real quick once listening to the entirety of "187." Overall, the song was a great representation of what Mono Davinchi is all about as an artist and individual.

"187" is now available on major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mono Davinchi. We appreciated the authentic drive you had in "187." What led to the creation of this song?

Honestly, just purity and cleansing. Music has always been therapy for me. I was dealing with the pain of someone close to me who was wrongfully incarcerated. And that's how it came out.

Tell us about the beat for "187." Was it a beat you created yourself? What type of overall vibe were you reaching for?

I def was a part of the creation of the beat, but there's no way I could take credit away from my man al Murder who produced it. We weren't looking for a specific vibe more finding sounds that spoke to me. made me feel something more profound than me and let that flow out naturally

What inspired the title for "187?" Does the number have a particular meaning to you?

The songs were inspired by the incarceration of my buddy Shawn Reese and The way I handled that pain. The number 187 is commonly known as the penal code for murder. Which speaks directly to the situation it also is a metaphor for the fact that the life he knew was taken from him and the ones connected to him.

What was the main idea you were trying to get across with "187?"

The idea behind 187 is to let the fans know a little of my reality my demons to let them know not to lose yourself in the pain of the things around you and stand in who you are no matter what.

What's next for you?

Focus on building My Brand Monos world. We got some designs for upcoming merch and a project coming out called love and drugs. In the meantime, continue dropping quality music that's genuine and revealing for the fans to get attached to.

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