Monotronic Bends Genres In All The Right Ways With Newest Track “In Your Head”

Monotronic is a bright and shiny new NYC-based electronic collective of talented musicians. They blend an array of genres and styles to create a unique dance/electronic sound of their own. All top rate musicians, the various members of Monotronic have recorded and performed with artists such as Robert Randolph, The Spin Doctors, Joe Jackson, Meatloaf, Elliott Moss, to name a few. They are encouraged to showcase their talents throughout the journey of every song, which will vary from night to night during their electrifying live sets.

Released this summer is the contagious hit “In Your Head”. Monotronic successful blends an intensifying indie-rock groove with undertones of electric funk and smooth riffs. The detail that comes through in the ambiance is increasingly colorful and forever impressive. From the offset a simple guitar riff captures the imagination, setting a mellow groove upon which “In Your Head” can shine brightly. As things progress, the instrumentation explodes into something with a much higher overall level of energy. The whole thing builds and builds in a cool and captivating way, so these cascading riffs and melodies all collide and collaborate powerfully. “In Your Head” has a hook that is immediately effective, especially catchy once you’ve heard it a couple of times. The melody here and the vocal passion sink in for the long term.

Check out “In Your Head” here and keep scrolling for more with Monotronic!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself and what role you play within Monotronic?

I’m the founder and leader of the band. I write most of the music and share the lyric writing with my bandmates Alex Hayes and Adam Ahuja.

How did Monotronic come to fruition?

I was an Anthropologist in a past life! I lived among and did 2 years of research among the Orang Rimba, I group of hunter-gatherers living in the forests of Sumatra, Indonesia. The experience was great (and resulted in a 2009 book), but overall the academic environment wasn’t for me, so after some time I decided I needed a change. It took some time but when I finally decided to put Monotronic together I initially got together with a different NYC musicians for some informal jam sessions. From there, the project gradually evolved into what it is today.

How does living in NYC influence your sound?

I’m sure NYC has had a huge influence on my music in ways that are hard to measure: the pace of life here, the constant sensory input, etc. But first and foremost, the musicians here are among the best in the world; and that sets a high bar, which has definitely helped maintain the quality of the music.

How has performing with so many notable artists assisted in establishing your sound?

It has helped immensely. Everybody in the band, as well as those musicians I have played with along the way, have influenced the Monotronic sound. This is particularly so in the live context. Our live shows are highly improvisational and it’s everybody’s input that gives the band its unique sound.

“In Your Head” is a great song! Can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics? 

Thanks! The song is basically about the complexity of human relationships and the misunderstandings that can arise when one person decides not to communicate. The rest I’ve left intentionally ambiguous for listeners to make their own interpretations.

Can you tell us about the creation of "In Your Head"?

We recorded the instrumental live at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn. The lyrics were written a few months later with Alex Hayes, and we did the vocal overdubs in his home studio.

How is "In Your Head" different than anything you've released in the past?

Well this is a debut album, so everything is kind of new! Hopefully this track – and the album more generally – will leave listeners with an appreciation for electronic music. Monotronic is very much a “hybrid” of electronic and more traditional music (guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, etc.) and we have done our best to present our music in a way that is accessible while staying true to our vision.

What's next for you?

More music! Working on some singles, two of which are currently being mixed. In the late Fall/Winter we should be announcing some Spring Tour dates. Updates should be available on our site:


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