Montréal’s Latest Pop/Rock Band Civil House Captivates Us With Their Recent Single “Broken Bottles”

Hailing from Montréal, Canada, pop/rock band Civil House is back with their latest high energy single “Broken Bottles”. The bi-lingual trio has worked extremely hard to find their unique sound, blending elements from genres like rock, smooth R&B, and indie/alternative. From the legendary backstreet venues of downtown Montréal to sharing their eclectic music with the rest of the world, Civil House is ready to continue their music careers with ferocity. Their latest radiant hit “Broken Bottles” captures the natural enthusiasm of being around someone you love, and missing them when the night gets cold. However, with dynamic and rocking instrumentation, we’re left with soaring melodies that capture Civil House’s broad and exhilarating sound.

“Broken Bottles” opens with lush and serene acoustic strumming, underneath Civil House’s frontman’s mesmerizing vocal range. Transitioning into the first verse, the track grows wider in instrumentation with upbeat drum patterns and pulsing electric guitar melodies. The track takes exciting turns, only to find Civil House’s powerful songwriting capabilities and ability to include different aspects in one song to create something more complex and intriguing. “Broken Bottles” exudes love and enthusiasm with feel-good lyrics like “Can you whisper in my ear? I wanna feel what I’ve been missing all these years”. With an upbeat song and an even more energetic performance, we’re ready to hear what Civil House releases next.

Listen to “Broken Bottles” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Civil House! We’re loving your unique sound and concise lyricism on your single “Broken Bottles”. Between the trio that is Civil House, can you share what the groups creative process was like, and how you went about finding your diverse sound for “Broken Bottles”?

Like our lives, Broken Bottles is a bit of a roller coaster. It’s set in motion with a steady voice and relaxed guitar, only to be launched into a punchy, drum-driven verse of wavy vocal lines. These parts were written to highlight the trance-like flow of the chorus, which paints a soothing picture of liberation from a frantic, unhappy life.

We imagine that creating a track like “Broken Bottles” and its dynamic instrumentation would be very complex and intricate. Could you expand on any challenges Civil House faced when creating your exciting single “Broken Bottles”? How were they overcome?

Recording the track was pretty smooth, apart from the vocals (those took a few tries). The hardest part would have been the end. We spent quite a bit of time trying to find a balance between the echoey drums and voice against the dry, overdriven guitar. The goal was to create a spacious feel without losing tightness.

With “Broken Bottles” being your third single as Civil House, you’ve already captured the likes of effective bands and their creative songwriting. Would you share with our readers who are some of Civil House’s major musical influences, and how they’ve impacted the group?

For this song in, Alex Turner’s over-pronounced and dramatized style of singing was a definite influence. We’ve always been fans of the Artic Monkeys and that comes out in the verses. But the chorus shifts to a very laid-back yet sincere sweep. Coldplay’s album, “Parachutes” inspired this feel, as the vocals seem to just float above the background. With the drums, we aimed for an energizing, uplifting indie feel to accompany the pop bassline.

Not to mention Civil House’s relatable and clear songwriting skills on your single “Broken Bottles”, can you share how Civil House found original inspiration for “Broken Bottles”, and how you channeled emotions to song?

Broken Bottles is a change from the previous tracks we’ve released, which were a tad morbid. It was written after a long and drawn-out period of depression was finally put to an end. It’s about choosing to set our eyes on a new tomorrow, instead of wallowing in the miseries of a broken yesterday.