Moonlight Bloom Reinvents Psychedelic Rock with “Release”

Denver, Colorado’s Moonlight Bloom has just come out with a new psychedelic rock song called “Release.” The band aspires to bring alternative elements to an “antiquated psych-rock scene” which they like to call “Post-Psych." Moonlight Bloom is the type of band that relies heavily on traditional rock band instruments for their sound including guitars and drums. The intense guitar riffs complement the oldie, soft-rock tone of “Release.” The instrumental background is so powerful at some points that it attracts more attention than the vocals. The introduction of the song has relaxing and repetitive elevator music vibes. The background of gently played cymbals and an electronic guitar playing long-lasting notes continue throughout the rest of the song. There are also a few instrumentals where Moonlight Bloom reverts to their elevator music. The lyrics encourage a release of emotion and frustration as Moonlight Bloom guides their audience to “Release.” They used phrases like “let it thrill your soul, make your body whole” to trigger a real feeling in their listeners. The vocals are also given an echoey effect which solidifies the mysterious tone that represents the “Post-Psych” genre. At the end of January, Moonlight Bloom is set to release their debut LP called “American Impressionism” which reflects their worldview and how they fit within it.

Listen to "Release" here.

Hello Moonlight Bloom, welcome to BuzzMusic! We enjoyed hearing a new spin on a psychedelic rock in your song “Release.” Can you tell us more about the message of the song? Release is about a muse - the "she" referenced in the song is the personified expression of artistic inspiration - specifically pertaining to music. Really, it's all about the power that music has to take you to a completely different place spiritually and emotionally…if you surrender and allow it to do so, that is. You like to call your unique rock style, “Post-Psych.” Can you elaborate on what this genre represents? Like a lot of bands, we've always struggled with genre identifiers. For years we went under the umbrella of “Psychedelic Rock.” But that term is so vast, and it covers such a wide variety of music from the 1960s through today. It becomes fuzzy and vague after a while.

Here’s what we are sonically: imagine if Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd had a baby… and then separately, Explosions in the Sky and Radiohead had a baby…Now, if those two babies had a baby together…that's us. Moonlight Bloom is “post-psych”. Plain and simple. We’re taking the psychedelic-rock sound by the horns and introducing a new attitude to it.

We play with the trippy, melodic elements from modern psych-rock, but then blend it with raw and expressive elements of our own. All of this results in something that we feel is on a different plain altogether.

With large respect for your predecessors in psychedelic-rock, can you tell us how some of them have influenced your music today? Early on we covered a lot of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix; while also drawing a lot of influence from Miles Davis. That's where we get a lot of the intense, somewhat dark improvisational edge in our sound. But music has to evolve too. So, that's where influences like Dungen, Explosions in the Sky, and Kikagaku Moyo come into play – those bands brought us a lot of our more melodic, soft, and sensitive aspects. You are set to release your new LP “American Impressionism” soon. Can you tell us how this album will be different from what we’ve already seen? This is the first project we've released since 2018. So, there's been a lot of time for growth within the band leading up to these recordings. It's hard to be objective about your own music, but we feel this album represents a new level of refinement for us that's much more representative of our sonic vision. The sound of this album is heavier, darker, and more vibrant in texture. Thank you for joining us here on BuzzMusic, it was great to have you! What's next for Moonlight Bloom throughout 2020?

We're thrilled for this album, but it's hard to keep the creative itch satisfied for long. We're already looking ahead to writing, recording and releasing more music throughout the year. Also, we’ll be ramping up our performance schedule throughout Colorado and the mid-west.