Morgan Gold Stuns With Sultry Vocals In “Up All Night”

Morgan Gold is a Chicago-based singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. Morgan developed a skill for songwriting at the age of ten, and began exploring her interests in vocal performance and acting. Within 2018 alone, Morgan released two EP’s and two singles, combining for over 11,000 streams on Spotify. She experimented with a variety of sounds, being inspired by a wide range of artists from The Weeknd to Grateful Dead. She began to pick up momentum through live performances, earning sets at venues such as Subterranean in Chicago. Audience members described her sets as “captivating”, and ”a genuine experience”. She took those descriptors, and began to cultivate a “captivating”, stimulating sound that would combine the factors of pop, R&B and hip-hop.

“Up All Night” is an eclectic anthem for everyone and we’re obsessed. Morgan Gold expertly recites verses about her personal experience and the ups and downs of love. Equipped with undertones of electronic vibes and alternative hip-hop, the contemporary R&B track “Up All Night” is a sound we’ve never heard before but we’re loving it. The electronics and R&B fusion blends perfectly with the versatile artists vocals and style. The powerful delivery of every word demands to be heard. A meaningful message, “Up All Night” is a track to both galvanize and truly inspire the music industry today. Morgan Gold writes relatable music that all her fans can interpret and relate to. We love what we hear in “Up All Night” and can’t wait to see what Morgan Gold delivers next!

Check out “Up All Night” here and read more with Morgan Goldin our exclusive interview below.

Hello Morgan and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us more about your launch into music?

Thanks for the opportunity, BuzzMusic! My name is Morgan Gold, and I’m a pop artist from Chicago, IL. I’ve been writing and performing for about ten years, and officially started my music career just over a year ago. I was exposed to a wide variety of genres while growing up, and always dreamt of filtering my favorite elements through a lens that I could develop on my own. It’s been an amazing ride so far, and I’m grateful for the progression I’m experiencing.

“Up All Night” is a powerful track! Can you tell us the inspiration behind it?

I wrote “Up All Night” in an attempt to call out the trouble I was going through at the time. I was demonstrating very toxic, self-destructive behaviors of selflessness. The track itself paints a very specific image of me sacrificing my nights to help other people who didn’t necessarily deserve it. Although the narrative revolves around me and a woman, its message can be applied to any sort of situation where you give too much of yourself to someone or something else. I wanted all of that fear and frustration to come through on the track, and I’m extremely proud of how it turned out.

Does songwriting come natural to you? Can you tell us about your creative process?

I fell in love with songwriting at a very young age. To be honest, I started writing because of The Beatles. I admired how impactful their music was on pop culture, and I developed an obsession with recreating those unifying moments through my own lyrics. I typically write the lyrics and the melody at the same time. So if I get a good idea, the whole song tends to create a rough outline of itself pretty quickly. More often than not, I’ll write the chords underneath the lyrics and then hand them to my producer, J. Khaga, and then we’ll go from there. I try to be as honest and as simplistic as possible while letting the themes of my songs take on a deeper meaning.

How do you feel about today’s mainstream music?

Mainstream music today is extremely fascinating. New material has never been more accessible, and I see more and more people looking further than Top40 radio to find hidden gems that genuinely speak to them. Having said that, I feel as though the world is juggling so many new artists now, that clout is drowning out the genuine connection that music can have with its listeners. But I feel as though we’re just in a place right now where everyone can have a platform, and test it out for themselves. Everyone now has an opportunity to go viral and have their music blow up. It’ll be interesting to see who can withstand the test of time throughout these next few years. 

What’s next for you Morgan? We're excited to hear what's next from you!

I’m currently working on a new single for my debut album. Now that I’ve found a sound that I’m proud of, it’s time to build upon it, and push beyond my capabilities. I’m extremely proud to be representing a new sound to come out of Chicago, and J. Khaga is the perfect partner for it. You’ll be hearing new music from me starting this fall, and it’ll only be the beginning.


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