Morgan Melbourne Releases Her Drum Driven Single "Little Puppet, Dysphoria"

February 21 | BuzzMusic

There’s the marching of a drum and talks of a little puppet, like the circus is in town; but this one isn’t upbeat or happy. Instead, it is a circus of fear and Morgan Melbourne is its ring leader. The classically trained pianist wows us with the release of her dark-pop tune "Little Puppet, Dysphoria" telling a story from the point of view of a villain. We, the listeners, are made to feel fearful of an evil puppeteer who is pulling our strings and controlling us. The marching drum beat makes you feel as though this manipulation is imminent and the minor notes paint a dark and ominous sonic picture. Like horror for your ears. This song is by no means bad. In fact, I believe it succeeds in doing what it sets out to; inciting fear. I am always a fan of things that push the envelope and stray away from the status quo.

It’s not very often that you hear music that is created to incite fear and unease. In fact, music tends to aim for the opposite reactions in people. Nevertheless, the goal of music is always to convey a message, a feeling or a story and Morgan Melbourne most definitely incites feeling with this song. Like a horror movie, it makes your heart race and you feel slight discomfort, but you can't help but crave more. This dark pop tune features fierce musicality and fearsome lyrics, do you dare to listen? Stream "Little Puppet, Dysphoria" here.