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Morris Mills Captures Our Hearts In Beautiful Ballad “Don’t Cry Jamie”

With roots stemming both in Chicago and Texas, artist Morris Mills grew up naturally as a musician. He instinctively gravitated towards the complexity of the Chicago music scene, while using it as a tactic for survival in the face of family hardships and struggles. Compelled by his own artistry, he took the next step of his career by moving to LA.

Morris Mills released the single “Don’t Cry Jamie” from his album titled “The Dawn.” “Don’t Cry Jamie” begins with a chilling introduction and vocal serenade from a female vocalist, with an extremely high-pitched beautiful voice. Her voice wasn’t the only sound moving its listener. Morris Mills has this funky nasal vocal resonance that reminded me of the style of Andre 3000. “Don’t Cry Jamie” was like a super cool and tasteful mixture of rock n roll and funky hip-hop. It was a sound I have NEVER heard before, yet pleasantly intriguing.

”Don’t Cry Jamie” had a seemingly strong lyrical presence which captivated us fully! It gives the listener a thought-provoking sense of what could be the possible meaning behind the track. “Don’t Cry Jamie” warrants its place on the album of “The Dawn”, which replicates the character of Morris Mills. His journey is evident in “The Dawn”. the multi-talented musician’s most self-actualized work to date. Melody Charles from SoulTracks likened Mills’ sound to that of the late, great Prince while highlighting his personal range. Bravo Morris Mills!

Listen to ”Don’t Cry Jamie” here and get to know more about Morris Mills in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Morris Mills! What was it about the Chicago music scene that captivated you so much?

I Live in Los Angeles now, I haven't been involved in the music scene there since 2014. but when I was there it was cool and a great vibe it there where I honed my craft at some of the prestigious venues The Hard Rock Cafe and The Famous Double Door. but I felt the need to leave for Los Angeles where I can be understood. However, Chicago will always be home but I dig LA also.

Describe your single “Don’t Cry Jamie” and the theme behind it?

The passing of my dad last June 5th 2018 I was having very vivid dreams about him every night it was a message to my sister. The theme here I believe this life is not all there is, but we have another yet for a prepared people who put the faith and trust in God. We are going to be tested and tried meaning, That Life, will hit your hard and nothing is going to hit you are harder than life. We got to be willing to take the hits and don't give up. Losing someone can be devastating especially to someone who doesn't know The resurrected Christ. I say a lot in this song message of hope and not 2 despair. We are losing lots of people to suicide I hope it will find its way 2 them.

Which moment in “Don’t Cry Jamie” was the most impactful for you as an artist?

Hmm. I'm not sure how 2 answers that one. All of it is meaningful musically, emotionally, lyrically I had to reach deep and be creative in all of those aspects. Music is a very powerful especially when driven with a purpose.

How does “Don’t Cry Jamie” fit the theme of the album “The Dawn” ?

Faith and Hope and Trust for the believer.

What’s next for Morris Mills?

We live in a single driven Industry but Like my mentor and predecessor, there will always be an album every year. #albumstillmatters


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