Morris Roe Talks to Us About His New Single "Waterfalls" and What's Next for the New Year!

Hello Morris Roe, it's great to have you here with us on BuzzMusic. Tell us a bit about your journey into the life of a music artist!

Hi, thank you for having me back! First of all, I do not consider myself as a musical artist yet, as I still have much to learn. But my journey into releasing my first single and now my second upcoming single is one of patience and a lot of trial and error. When I was young and learning to play the guitar I immediately knew I wanted to make music. The things are though when you're getting to learn an instrument you cannot write the songs you want to write. So I kept my ambitions close to myself and practiced and practiced in my room for hours a day for years. I think at one point you just know by yourself when you're ready to let the world know what you've been busy within the back of your mind for Years. For me, that time has come right now and we'll see where it gets me from here.  Can you give us a bit of insight into the makings of "Waterfalls"? What's the overall message trying to be portrayed and what influenced you to write it? Waterfalls might have been the hardest song for me to write ever. The riff and composition were made fairly quickly, but the lyrics took me almost two years to finish. You know sometimes you write a song and all of then sudden it becomes a bit too much? You just have to put away for a while before you can look into it again. The song came to me when I was in a low place and besides that, I came out of a heavy breakup. The thing is, we kept on seeing each other for way too long which eventually lead to the two of us keeping hurting the other. The message of the song is that you got to go. The thing that has got to go doesn't have to be a person, it can be a thought or a feeling that is causing you pain and make you feel bad and the only option to feel better is that it has got to go out of your life and mind. The song for me works comforting when I find myself in a place like that again and I hope it can do the same for others.   What types of genre blends can we expect to hear in "Waterfalls". Do you plan on mixing your music with any other genres in the future?

As you might know, my main influences are John Mayer and Post Malone. I try to incorporate the more Hip-hop elements like a heavy 808 bass and snares into the song while still relying on the guitar elements that most people love. You get an intro with a Hip-hop 808 but along with that, you get a guitar solo that you might recognize from Mayer songs. I think I found my way around music by blending almost every genre I've ever heard and taken little pieces from it. As time will pass I will get to know much more music and we'll see how that will affect my writing and composing.  What have been some of your biggest struggles as a music artist or the makings of your songs? How did you overcome them?

The biggest struggle I find is almost always the lyrics. For me personally lyrics are one of the most important aspects of a song. It portrays the ideas and feelings that an artist has behind the feeling and vibe of the beat. But it is not always as easy to get the idea you have in your head on paper without it losing the meaning you had behind it. The thing I do is just let it rest. I think of it as a barrel of water almost: When it is full you going to get a lot out of it and use it, but sometimes it runs dry and you just have to give it some time to let it fill up again. The hard thing about this is that I can get a bit impatient so the waiting often takes too long for me haha.  Thanks so much for catching up with us Morris. What's next for you in 2020? I loved catching up with you guys as well. For me, 2020 is going to be interesting. I'm gonna have more spare time I can use to focus on making more music and the goal is to release an EP with songs that will show you all my different influences and how I interpreted them in my own way. 


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