Morsifire Speaks His Truth And Blends Genres Flawlessly With “Contact” Ft. Emily Afton

Hailing from the outskirts of San Francisco, Andrew Seely aka Morsifire straddles the line between hip-hop and indie alternative, crafting an indelible sound from his harrowing past that lands somewhere between Kid Cudi and 21 Pilots. His painfully honest stories are lifted directly from a fractured childhood, raised by a drug addicted single mother and exposed to the untimely loss of his younger sister and father. As a young adult he suffered from panic attacks, often so severe he ended up in the hospital. The only thing that seemed to quell his anxiety was music, an art which he dissected and pursued with abandon, gaining acceptance to Berklee and studying music production abroad in Spain.

The groove of “Contact” is very easy to get into, there’s a classic and subsequently nostalgic aura to the whole thing. The songwriting, the concept and the story-line at the heart of the experience brings a certain depth of thought that surpasses most contemporary hip-hop offerings. Rather than simply asking a basic relationship question, there’s more of a consideration on life. As the lyrics pour through you notice an introspective style that this writing clearly presents. All in all, the gentle beat and the quietly expressive vocals work well together to create something refreshingly light and easy to get on board with. The whole thing is humble yet striking, calmly confident, loaded with emotional turmoil but careful in its introduction of this. Morsifire and Emily’s vocals contrast perfectly with one another. For those looking for something different in the music scene right now, to inspire and enthuse them, “Contact” could be the one. We can’t wait to hear more! 

Check out “Contact” Ft. Emily Afton here!


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