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Mosaics Propels Love And Truth In "Tidal Lock"

Coming from Monroeville, Alabama, and after having toured across various types of projects around the Deep South, Trevor Johnson started a solo post-hardcore/melodic hardcore project, Mosaics.

To create a crossover between experimental artists like La Dispute or mewithoutYou, but with a more straightforward and melodic sound similar to Hundredth and Counterparts, Mosaics has crafted a sound custom to who he is as an artist.

Fresh to your speakers and screens, Mosaics has released a poignant and bewildering new single and music video for “Tidal Lock.” With a darkened sound that tributes rock n roll of the early 2000s, Mosaics intertwines a narrative that surrounds the waves of love and the passion and emotion behind the pain we endure through this lifetime.

Such a profound blend of how powerful feelings are, Mosaics doesn’t shy away from the vulnerability and potency he gives his words as he conveys a heartfelt performance riddled with the truth behind his croons. Knowing that experience backs the lyrical motifs heard, a brilliant collision happens between what he believes the truth to be and the honesty that unfolds through the ebb and flow of life. Jam-packed with intentional guitar riffs that you feel to your core and rhythm so vigorous that it has you embracing the swing of life,

Mosaics is an example of what happens when you let your guard down and create from a place of authenticity. In this boy-meets-girl montage, spaced between Mosaics taking the spotlight, “Tidal Lock” is a gateway to riveting thoughts bound to make you think.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mosaics! We love the single and music video combination for the release of “Tidal Lock.” It looks like a lot of thought went into the creation and execution of this release. How does it feel to have “Tidal Lock” available to the world?

It felt surreal. I’m so very proud of this song and I have had to sit on it for nine months. It's so cool to have it available to everyone. What are you hoping your audience takes away from the messaging and emotion showcased in the song? What has “Tidal Lock” done to help you as an artist and individual?

It would be great if they took away a bit of quiet and stillness. I wanted the vocals and instrumentals to feel almost like soft, relaxed breathing and I think I accomplished that. This song has helped me feel a lot more comfortable in how I want to write songs in the future. It is proof of how much better my voice is getting. This song is reassuring to me as I hope it is to the listener.

Could you please highlight the creative process that brought “Tidal Lock” to life? Who helped in enhancing this vision and making it come to fruition?

I’ve spent the past three or four years listening to delta blues and crooner jazz. This song is a combination of trying to dig down into the earthy sounds of the 20’s-50’s and lots of time listening to the bands Will Yip's produced.

The visual aspect is so powerful and eye-catching. Did you always know this would be the concept for the music video? How was this idea born, and what was it like filming it?

The video was originally intended to showcase a young couple in the 1950’s and an older couple in the present day. This was to mirror a day together and represent the weight of time not pulling them away. We couldn’t coordinate the moving parts required to execute the initial idea. So we leaned on Brett and Stevie being as good as they were to carry the whole narrative. Filming was tough because we were shooting in 93 degree weather on a particularly humid New Orleans afternoon, but it was fun.

What’s next for you?

I have a few things waiting to come out that I’m featured on. However, as for the project as a whole I’m working on storyboards for a really ambitious project I hope to have together this time next year.

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