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Mouce Released The New Party Hit "Noya”

In today’s day and age, there's a division in hip-hop! Two drastically different formulas taking over the game. The lyrical geniuses, and the turn up rappers. Mouce however is the bridge between the gap. Weaving between the two styles effortlessly. Possessing the ability to make hard core lyrical compositions that classical hip hop heads can be proud of, also containing the talent to create memorable catchy party tunes, perfect for catching the eyes of the current generation.

Mouce released the single titled “Noya” and the initiating energy already had me hyped! The beat slapped. End of discussion. I began to instantly head-nod due to how much I was feeling the music. The flow went super hard, remaining consistent and adding emphasis to the energy of the song. The delivery was with intensity, adding full electricity to “Noya”. “Noya”’s hook was captivating, and catchy. The hook in Noya had me repeating the song subconsciously. Mouce’s lyrical ability shows his MC side, while his turnt up energy showcases the fun rapper that’s in his personality. These two very important elements are fused in Noya, which will win over the lovers of both sub genres of rap music. Mouce has a lot to offer to the rap game as a new, upcoming artist. He has the sound that could really make him a success in today’s industry. “Noya” is radio ready, and could generate an expanded audience due to the mainstream appeal covering the texture of raw, gritty, and uncut rap music. If Mouce’s stage presence amounts to how great “Noya” was, then we are almost positive he’s going to be the next hard-hitting rapper! Don’t underestimate this artist, he’s poised with greatness!

Listen to "Noya" here and get to know more about Mouce below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mouce! Mind telling us a little bit about your background and where you’re from?

I am from Orlando, FL and I am a go getter and Leader of the Yodi Nation. I am a rapper and an actor but above all a revolutionary. Just dropped my debut album "Money is Revenge" available on all streaming platforms now.

How has your upbringing impacted your style of music?

My upbringing impacted not only my music but my way of life, the way I talk, the things I relate to, pretty much everything. Ive had a alot of unique experiences as a black man in America. I have lived in the suburbs and I have lived in the projects and now I am on my way to a mansion. The diversity that I have experienced in my life shows through my music and fan base, I have fans from all over the world all different backgrounds. I can relate to anyone and that's why almost everyone relates to me.

Do you have any musical influences or inspirations? If so who and why!?

Tupac, Nas,Eminem, Young Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa. Each of these artists has records that have touched me in a way that I will soon touch others. I am also inspired alot by visionaries and great athletes such as Lebron James, Nikola Tesla, James Dean, and Marlon Brando.

Tell us about your record “Noya” ? how would you interpret this song for our readers from your artist perspective!?

Noya is a crazy record that pretty much wrote itself. Most of my songs write themselves actually. Meaning once I hear the beat the little voices in my hear start wispering in my ear and next thing you know 20 minutes later we got a record. Honestly I dont even remember where I recorded Noya at but I did write it at my boy Marvin's crib in Atlanta, he was out of town so I had his spot solo for a couple days. I blew about a hundred blunts of loud and "Noya" is the result of that.

What’s next for Mouce?

Take over the world simple and plain. Money is Revenge the album out now Im doing a gang of videos to the project. Also Im starring in Kodak Black's new series "City of War" and I got a few other films coming up cant talk too much about yet but yea the takeover is real. Thanks for the support to everyone who rocks with me and has helped me in any type of way. This year we show the world why Failure is not an option! Yodi Nation!


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