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Mount Ego Exclaims “I AM NO ONE”

This uncompromised, melancholic and dynamic post-punk rock from Copenhagen goes by the name of Mount Ego. With an untameable drive to relieve their creative vibe, Mount Ego has curated all of their energy to release their debut EP I AM NO ONE. The songs, painting pictures of family misfortunes, are backed by intense and energetic beats, bass-driven synthesizers and atmospheric guitars. A strong independent vocalist lift these efforts to a true level of cosmic understanding. With heavenly high ambitions, the band thrives to achieve recognition outside of their rehearsal studio with upcoming shows on a summer tour in Denmark this summer.

This song has a really high energy! What starts off with a solo of strings, quickly turns into guitar party starring the electric guitar himself! A retro-punk type of feel; one of those songs you see everyone jumping or intensely dancing! The guitar is what gets me in this song. It comes in right where it is needed. The drums as a nice feature and then the entire band comes in with the vocals. The vocals are electrifying! Giving us a 80/90s classics with a up to date twist. It is a must we talk to these guys to get the low down on this song!

Listen to "I AM NO ONE" here, and learn more about Mount Ego in out interview below!

Hey there! Could you tell us a little about Mount Ego?

Mount Ego is a Copenhagen based rock/indie band and foremost feelings being told through our music, which is never completed before we have felt it, ourselves. We go through a process that in some cases are short and on point, and in others long and dreadful.

This is where our focus and persistency is eminent. It is crucial to us that we feel our music is thoroughly worked through in to every detail of a song and be able to be proud and vouch for it when it gets out there.

What is the music scene like in Copenhagen?

The Copenhagen music scene is very diverse and exciting if you go down a layer or two. Pop, hip-hop and R’n’b artists primarily dominate it. If you want to be listened to, and have people show up at your gigs, as a rock band such as ourselves it is hard work all the way! The audience is critical, but once you’ve gained their trust, Danish fans are very loyal.

Who are some of your musical influences that have influenced your career in the music industry?

As individuals in the band we have very different tastes in music. We believe our different musical upbringing is an advantage when being in our creative spaces.

We somehow managed to find common grounds and inspiration in a small number of artists such as The National, Editors, White Lies, Interpol and two Danish bands; The Minds of 99 and Fugleflugten. We are, obviously, not trying to sound like a mix of these bands, which would probably sound awful, rather than trying to set free our sound. We’ve often been told that our sound is quite international.

How much time and energy went into this new EP?

We’ve spent 7 months since it was recorded just correcting mixes. In this case the writing process has actually been somewhat easier. Two of the songs where written overnight.

Too much time was put in finding the right producer after we recorded the songs. So, it has been a little tough, and in some case we nearly made it to the point that we didn’t like the tracks anymore, fortunately the right producer came along and changed that.

Could you give us some backstory on this EP?

The backstory is Mount Ego finding its sound. As individuals in a collected creative environment coming together and letting the music find its course. Most of the song centres lyrically around family tragedies and misfortune. Some of them stories from our own lived lives.

What are you most looking forward for the Tour in the summer?

Naturally we look forward to getting out of the studio and present these songs live. We’ve only played a few of them live, and we really anticipate the reactions from the audience. We are a band who lives to play live, and we believe our music has its best expression when performed live.


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