Mountain Head Drops Powerhouse New Track “Gaslight”

Together the two make up Mountain Head, an eclectic duo creating music to galvanize the music scene today. Mountain Head is comprised of the Hannah brothers, their sound blends psych-rock, alt-rock, and elements of electro-pop and jangle pop into unique and potent sonic concoctions. Mountain Head's goal is to travel to your city and steal your head by means of mesmerizing vocals and contagious melodies. They're skull bandits, but polite ones, because after they steal your head, they give it back to you. According to Mountain Head, the only way to hold on to your head is to lose it. Genre-bending and thrilling, Mountain Head’s sound is full of subterranean grooves, plump cavernous bass lines, and a jangly, grungy guitar. 

Mountain Head’s newest track “Gaslight” is a memorable electro rock anthem fueled by soulful vocals and catchy melodies. They bring back the playful grit that is alt-rock music and unapologetically create what they want to create through their electronic addtions and experimentations. Authentic to the core, the Hannah brothers are rising to the top. “Gaslight” delivers an unforgettable and timeless sound while remaining unique, contemporary and original. Mountain Head transcend genres through their chill sound and authentic chemistry. Equipped with rock n roll hearts and a fresh new sound, stay on the lookout for Mountain Head.

Check out “Gaslight” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Mountain Head

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling us more about how you two met?

The story of how we met is pretty funny, I suppose one day when we were very young Kyle would have been playing Super Mario 3 on Nintendo, when his parents walked in wielding what they called "A new bundle of joy" that bundle of joy had a name, it's name was Ben, & Ben was Kyles younger brother and we've known each other ever since. 

Where are you from? What’s the music scene like there?

We are from Toronto, Ontario. The scene is pretty vibrant there are a lot of venues and a lot of flourishing acts, it's always been good to us and it's fun and diverse. The Skyline is the secret place where the musicians hang. When we were just getting the music going we would pop in there and play a couple songs to street test them. 

What would be your dream venue to perform? Why?

A dream venue would be at the peak of Mount Everest, I suppose if one could conquer all peaks then you've 'made it', and we've heard the reverb is great. For a more terrestrial venue we would say Massey Hall, or Red Rocks......Massey Hall is the legendary venue in Canada, all the best shows have happened there, it sounds amazing, and has a irrefutable vibe. Red Rocks is self explanatory you get to vibrate your music off ancient history. 

What’s your writing process like?

Our process is usually the 2 of us holed up in the studio chasing around the 'muse' or whatever you'd like to call it. Sometimes we have  a vague idea of a song and sometimes the song has a vague idea of us, we just sit down and go until we find something we like. We try not to intrude with our personalities too much and let the idea form itself. 

Tell us more about “Gaslight”. What do you want the listeners to take away from this track?

Gaslight was a very fun song to chase down. The main groove & riff was discovered while writing a bridge for a different song. It didn't take us long to realize that what we were playing could be more than a bridge, and thus it became Gaslight. Gaslight comes from the heart(s) and we are kind of delivering a message that isn't always the easiest to look at. It's kind of like an Ikaros trying to bring you back from the same ol traps we all set ourselves up with. We'd love people to feel good when listening to this song, and to just take a break and have a listen, it goes along with the summer vibe. 


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