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Move Forward with Timmes' Reflective Single, "don't be mad at me"

Coming to us from Illinois, the self-taught alt-r&b artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Timmes expands on the depths of an emotional mind with his latest single, "don't be mad at me."

With a goal to explore the fear of emotional intimacy and the importance of asking others for help when the time is right, Timmes is never one to shy away from vulnerable and personal concepts. Through inspirations like Joji, Jack Stauber, bülow, blackbear, Cavetown, and Billie Eilish, Timmes has firmly planted himself in the heart of alternative meets lush r&b.

Elaborating on his recent single, "don't be mad at me," Timmes reaches out to listeners with hopes that they will realize when to pick themselves up and leave a relationship that's left in the past. "It won't be easy, but those who understand will work things out with you; others will say you didn't try hard enough," states Timmes.

Listening to the mysteriously-sounding single, "don't be mad at me," the venture opens with light and floating synth melodies alongside Timmes' low and gentle vocal stylings. While expanding on a downhill relationship and realizing when it's time to leave, the sonics begin pouring through our speakers with vast alt-pop/r&b tones, primarily through the haunting 808 kicks and punchy sub-bass.

We're truly in awe of Timmes' haunting vocal layering within this track, as his vocals pan from left to right in a quick transition towards the powerful hook, drenching us in the weight of a relationship that's gone south. Leading us towards the outro with the utmost reflection, Timmes and his accompanying downtempo sonics bring incredible lyrical and sonic dexterity that's bound to sweep any listener off their feet.

Feel the sonic and lyrical weight of Timmes' latest single, "don't be mad at me," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Timmes. We're genuinely impressed with the sonic and lyrical depth within your recent single, "don't be mad at me." What inspired you to create this emotionally heavy single?

I’ve had people in my life display contempt with me due to major life changes and not having as much time to be with them. It was my way of trying to tell myself that I wasn’t trying to neglect anyone. That it wasn’t my fault.

Why did you choose to create the sonics for "don't be mad at me" to be so modern, powerful, and haunting? Why did you decide to create this ominous atmosphere?

The atmosphere is meant to be contemplative, cathartic, yet hesitant. I wanted this song to explore an internal conflict. It’s never easy realizing that things aren’t the way they used to be and accepting that.

Was it challenging to sit down and write about such personal topics for your single "don't be mad at me," or are you familiar with this writing style?

Most of the songs I write are meant to be an emotional outlet. A lot of the time I find myself writing about sad and depressing topics but that’s only because those are real emotions that I can’t ignore. Though I do have the capability to write about more lighthearted themes. In terms of “don’t be mad at me” as soon I started writing the lyrics for this song, they came to me naturally.

What do you hope your audience takes away from your lyricism within the single, "don't be mad at me"?

Friendships, relationships, and partnerships should never feel one-sided. I want people who are feeling unheard to consider the fact that anyone who is willing to take the time to listen and understand you will know that change (regarding relationship dynamics or just general life) will happen sooner or later. There’s not a lot that we can do about it, so why try to stop it?


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