Move Onward & Upward With Graham Scott Fleming In, “Better Man”

From Elmvale, Ontario, singer-songwriter and country recording artist Graham Scott Fleming releases a song of heartbreak and resilience with "Better Man."

Fleming's career launched after taking first place in North of Nashville, leading him to open for acts like Derrick Ruttan, High Valley, and Jason Blaine. He's also collaborated with names like Jason McCoy, Jane Bach, Phil Barton, J.T. Harding, and many others. Fleming went on to star as Charlie Price in Mirvish's production of Kinky Boots and moved to NYC to make his Broadway debut in Miss Saigon.

Graham Scott Fleming is a "lover by trade," he says. However, he's realized that "sometimes you give your love away so much that you don't leave enough for yourself," and that's exactly what the new song "Better Man" is all about. What started as a journal entry is now a whole-sounding and cathartic breakup anthem calling anyone with a broken heart.

Expanding on "Better Man," the song smoothly opens with a plucky and groovy electric guitar alongside Graham Scott Fleming's warm and velvety vocals. As he begins touching on the memories that linger in his mind, Fleming reminds himself that all these experiences happened for a reason, making him a "Better Man" in the end.

We love the easy-listening and sweet-sounding harmonies on the hook, especially as the guitar continues strumming in the background and letting Graham Scott Fleming's vocals do their thing. The song's second half hones in the power of independence and picks up the country-rock energy while closing the song with a needed reminder that our happiness should never rely on someone else.

Take life's experiences one step at a time with help from Graham Scott Fleming's latest single, "Better Man," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Graham Scott Fleming. We're truly impressed with the poise and emotion you've brought to your new single, "Better Man." Could you describe the moment you felt inspired to create this cathartic piece?

Thank you so much for having me! Experiencing a breakup is never easy (in my opinion) and this particular one hurt and brought me to a place where I was being a little self-destructive, keeping alone, drinking a little too much, I just lost a lot of who I was in that relationship. No matter how many times I reached out to friends or vice versa they reached out to me, I wasn’t ready to heal from that moment. I realized I needed to be there for me, pick myself back up and put my feet back on the ground. I started writing the journal entry and quickly turned to my therapist, my guitar. I started humming out melodies to these words I had written and re-wrote some to make the lyrics and story work as a song. Through the music, my journal, and realizations, I was able to pick myself up and begin my journey to healing. Sometimes in your darkest moments, it’s hard to see the light, but I promise you it’s there.

Seeing as your songwriting process for "Better Man" started as a journal entry, did you go through this entire process the way you would with a personal journal entry? Did your words flow easily?

Yea I would say so. I love to journal. I don’t every day but I do when I need it, or I'm excited, or I need to write my thoughts so I can see the visuals. This one in particular was pretty intense. In the sense that I was in a dark place, and I really needed to see the words on the page “I can be a better man”. It was repeated multiple times and that’s why I added it like that in the song as well. When turning it into a song it was also a natural process. It all came together quite easily and I think when songs do that it’s because nothing was forced. It was all from real emotions.

Who did you work with to help bring "Better Man" to life? How long was the process of taking the song from your journal and releasing it onto digital streaming platforms?

So, I wrote the song alone and it was actually the day or a couple of days before I was about to record some new tunes. I sent it to my producers (The Agenda) and told them I would like to record this song and replace another. We got together in the studio with no pre-production and the song, as it did for me, flowed out of them as musicians, and the song was born. It was a wild and inspiring process for sure. Once we had the master I wasn’t sure the best time to release it and working with Dani Strong, we came up with a plan for radio and streaming services. It is wild to see the song come to life. With the help of Stingray Radio who selected me as ‘Trending Track’ and Rogers Radio who selected me as ‘One to Watch’ we have now landed a top 40 spot on the Canadian Country Airplay Billboard Charts!

What is the core message you want listeners to take away from "Better Man?” What realizations do you hope the song induces?

We all have that dark place, one that drains us, and lies to us. But the really great news is that we all can get out of that place. Happiness is possible. It's a journey and I’m so glad I’m on it! Sometimes, no matter how many times you reach out to others, or they reach out to you, you aren't ready to listen. You need to want the change, want the help, and show up for yourself.