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Move Your Feet With the Soca Stylings of Russ on, "Front and Center"

From Florida to NYC, the Trinidadian Soca artist and Singer-Songwriter Russ releases his highly anticipated single, "Front and Center," co-written with Josiah Noray and Darryl Gervais and produced by Smiddy Smith, Danielle Thorne, and WiLDFiRE.

After moving to New York at the age of ten, Russ continued to gather a devoted passion for music through watching his father perform in West Indian cultural events throughout Florida and New York. Fast forward a decade, with only three singles released, Russ is continually sought out by producers to offer his upbeat and melodic stylings.

Diving into his recent single, "Front and Center," Russ takes us through incredibly potent and irresistible grooves with help from the modern Soca/Dancehall production. While singing with the utmost energy and setting the song's bright and intoxicating atmosphere, Russ is perfectly complemented by the intricate production through the sonic bursts and vocal layering.

Opening "Front and Center" is an upbeat blend of synths, plucky guitars, and an array of drum patterns that inevitably get the listener grooving with the sweet sonic atmosphere. Listening to Russ's vocals, he brightens the song with his beaming stylings that sing profoundly passionate lyricism, bringing us back to the nightlife we miss dearly.

We cannot resist the shimmering sonics that the various producers have fueled this song with. Allowing Russ to offer incredible energy while singing over the upbeat synths, groovy drum breaks, and in-depth vocal production expands the song to a broad and bright experience. Coming to the track's outro, we're left with the brilliant blend of organic guitars and synthetic production, making for an authentic and gripping adventure.

Hear Russ's latest groovy single, "Front and Center," on all streaming platforms, and keep an eye on the Soca artist and singer-songwriter as he sets the tone for 2021.

We love the energy and rhythm you offer within your latest single, "Front and Center." Why did you choose this track to follow up both of your previous well-received singles?

For this particular single, I wanted to go for more of an intimate connection with party-goers also know as “Feters” and capture the endings of two individuals who are seeing a connection from one another.

What was it like when working with the various producers for your single "Front and Center"? What was your experience like when navigating the sonic creative process?

Working with producers like Smiddy Smith from star blu productions, Danielle Throne from Csharpmusick, and Peter ‘WiLDFiRE’ Noel was an amazing experience for me as a new artist. Although I never, spoke to Danielle Throne that much her work on Front and Center was great. Whereas for Smiddy Smith, I got to know him before Front and Center was a thought and it was a huge opportunity for me when he reached out to me on the production for Front and Center. He gave me the opportunity to work with producers like himself and meeting writers like Darryl Gervais. The vocal production done with Wildfire was one of my best experiences in the music industry because his patience, knowledge, and thought process behind recording Front and Center was impeccable. Wildfire took his time with me as a new artist and made it his responsibility to make sure that I perfected my vocals to the best of my ability and allowed me to take my time until I got it right.

Could you expand on your collaboration with Darryl Gervais and Josiah Noray when writing your single "Front and Center"? What sort of vibe did you want to set with your lyrics?

My collaboration with Darryl Gervais and Josiah Noray was an amazing opportunity for me as an artist. The funny thing is, I actually never met Josiah Noray. I actually only met Darryl Gervais and everything that we talked about pertaining to Front and Center was translated over to Josiah. Darryl Gervais also took his time with me in order to perfect the lyrics. He worked through voice notes with me until he felt it was up to the right standard to begin recording and was patient with me. You don’t always find that in people. Front and Center was a song where when I first heard it, it grabbed my attention right away. The lyrics had a groovy vibe to it, that spoke to me. I was able to build a connection with the song and not only sing the song because I needed a song.

With three released singles under your belt, how does your discography help listeners get to know your brand and what you artistically deliver?

As a new soca artist, it has been a challenging beginning. From my first release to now I was able to expand on social media such as YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook in order to expand my brand as Russ. As well as, word to mouth from family, friends, and fans. I was also able to gain an amazing manager by the name of Suriya Surajdeen who has helped develop my brand and myself. I’m hoping in the near future after this pandemic I get the chance to perform.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I would like listeners to know that I’m not into soca music because of the fame or the money. Growing up in a Trinidadian household allowed me to grow a love and passion for soca music. As an artist I enjoy being able to be part of putting together a song, getting new riddims, expanding my connections, learning new knowledge from other producers, writers, and artists, and singing a song that I can build a connection with. Soca music is a genre that yet still has to evolve bigger than where it is right now and I want to be part of the journey as a new Soca artist to help Soca music reach higher levels. My passion for music allows me to throw all my stress away and put my happiness into a song.


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