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Moving In Slow Gives Us Our Next Road Trip Anthem, “Sunrise Sunset”

Photo by: Kelly Rostran

Florida's Moving In Slow is a musical project of Laurent Chavannes. Dabbling in the rock, alternative, and indie genres, Moving In Slow takes us away with their escapism, poetry, and production displayed. We'll be reviewing their road-trip, indie record titled "Sunrise Sunset."

Moving In Slow began releasing independently on SoundCloud and playing shows in and around his hometown. Throughout his involvement in the Miami music scene, Laurent learned about production and began to create music with more perspective. Planning for world domination sonically, and it sounds like they're on the right track!

"Sunrise Sunset" has us hooked with the road-trip type feeling we receive from the initial playback. Its escapism feeling and cinematic lyricism kept us entertained and fascinated until the very end. "I’ll say it and just get it off my chest, So I can move on..." is extremely relatable.

The record kicks off with Moving In Slow, seeing his ex-lover in a restaurant, singing about how fast the time passes and how quickly people change and grow apart. When he feels bored at home or just in general, he wants to tell her how he feels. All that will help him if he can get these feelings off his chest to move on officially; most of us know these feelings all too well. The harmonious and warm guitar textures on top of the vivid lyricism take this record to different levels. Reminiscing on the moment they shared in his car, smoking together, he could feel that it wouldn't last forever. "Everything was going well, but I couldn't tell you how I felt." He sings that he enjoyed seeing her after all those years. Get nostalgic and reminiscent with Moving In Slow on their recent heartfelt vibe, perfect for your next road-trips playlist. "Sunrise Sunset" is available on all streaming platforms to enjoy.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Moving In Slow. We're so in love with your latest release, "Sunrise Sunset," and the feeling you bring across in it. What sparked the initial direction for this record?

Thank you for having me! The song started coming to life after I ran into someone that I had known. We were involved with each other for a little bit, and we just happened to be in the same place at the same time. It was a nice but short encounter, and it had me thinking about the past, so I started coming up with lyrics and melodies once I got home. I’m just talking about how I felt at that moment and some of the things that were going through my mind.

"Sunrise Sunset" has us vibed out and entertained to the max! How did you select or create the production for this record? Please explain to us the thought process behind the production.

For the overall soundscape, I wanted listeners to feel like they were drowning in sunlight and euphoria. I let the bass carry the chord progression with this one and decided to do less movement with the guitars. I wanted the guitar to be very jangly and chorus-y, so it could sound like it’s coming in and out for the entire song. I have a synth playing a power chord that sustains the whole song, and I feel like the texture and where it sits in the mix helps capture the drowning-in sunlight feeling. I really wanted something shoegaze but with a twist. My producer, Miguel, was able to help me find the sound that I wanted.

The cinematic lyricism and vivid pictures painted have blown us away. How do you stay in the zone creatively and create these timeless ideas and melodies? What advice would you give to someone struggling to 'lock in'?

It’s all about how I feel! A lot of my songs stem from something personal, so when I’m writing my lyrics, a phrase will come to mind, and I’ll see where it goes. I’ll reflect on why I said that phrase and what the words mean to me. After that, it becomes pretty easy if it’s something I feel strongly about. My melodies are usually me being self-indulgent and creating melodies that I know I would love to listen to on repeat. I love melodies that sound really positive or uplifting, so I tend to write them like that. My advice would be to just say what you want without a filter, analyze what you’re talking about, and roll with what comes out.

Moving In Slow is such a unique name; what were the motifs behind the name, and what is your sole purpose as a musician or artist?

Moving in Slow is the name of a song by A Great Big Pile of Leaves. I really liked the name of the song, and when I was coming up with a name for the project, I went with it. I do feel like it describes me pretty well, though. I like to take my time with a lot of things, so I felt that Moving in Slow would be perfect. As a musician, I just want to make music! Whether I’m playing live or recording in a studio, I love to make music. I love producing songs and making decisions on things that go into making them.

What's next for you?

Live shows and more songs! More things in general. I want to start making videos and other things associated with Moving in Slow. I’m currently working on the next song I’m going to release, and I’m excited because I’ve had this one on hold for more than two years. So stay tuned for that!

Photo by: Kelly Rostran
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