Mr. Adamsbtw Takes Options Into His Own Hands and He'll Have "BoFh Em"

With roots in the Midwest, Mr. Adamsbtw came from a humble beginning alongside a hard-working family from Chicago. Learning the hustle mentality in the streets of the windy city, Mr. Adamsbtw took a liking to the late night club scene and the rush of performing live. With the vast majority of his family and friends already immersed in the music culture, he knew that this would be a comfortable leap of faith.

Winding up in the city of music itself, Nashville, Tennessee, Mr. Adamsbtw adapted to the budding music scene quickly on the rise, fueled with multicultural aspects and all forms of production as he decided that this was the place to blaze a trail.

Fresh off of the release for his hard-hitting new single and music video, “BoFh Em,” Mr. Adamsbtw teams up with Classic Muzik LLC to serve up only the best vibes. The eye-catching visuals for “BoFh Em,” begins with Mr. Adamsbtw asleep on the studio floor in a comedic banter between him and the person who wakes his slumber via phone call. Sizzling synths and bouncy basslines instantly kick in as this record take off. Establishing his name with the prevailing tone set, Mr. Adamsbtw punches through the instrumentation with his witty quips and dominant vibes.

With the main scenes taking place in the studio, we’re exposed to neon lights in the booth and the control room ambiance as it appears Mr. Adamsbtw is in his natural habitat. Addressing the beat with his smoother than butter cadences, we get to see a well-rounded side of Mr. Adamsbtw’s artistic talents as a rapper and singer in “BoFh Em.” Mesmerizing effects in the visuals have you anticipating the next scene as we pan between football jerseys, street graffiti, masks, and sweet rides telling the winding tale of Mr. Adamsbtw securing the bag and wanting all the options on the table, and you better not make him pick.

With the lyrical agility he drives home in the verses, to the memorable hook that weighs heavy on your mind even long after the song is over, the collaborative efforts between Mr. Adamsbtw, Classic Muzik LLC and Director, Wesley Crutcher, “BoFh Em,” has us putting this music video and track on repeat for the rest of the day.

Hello Mr. Adamsbtw, congratulations on the release of “BoFh Em,” and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We would love to know; what inspired the story behind “BoFh Em?"

I got the idea from my everyday life, meaning there are multiple hats that I wear at all times. Sometimes a few at a time lol. I made the song as an anthem for those times where one might be tired, frustrated with the process, funds may have gotten a little low but you're still Hustling every day!! You know the old saying. “ If you apply pressure long enough, you’ll get a diamond ”. The last element to the song is the word itself. “BoFh Em” or “ Both of them ”, which is the way my family and I would say that phrase when we’re joking with each other in conversation.

The visuals are extremely creative, was this always the vision you had for the music video when going into the creative process?

Thank you for one but no. In all honesty, I was trying to create a full-scale production!! I had a totally different vision for it but I was really putting a lot of pressure on myself. Dealing with different schedules, Different venues, making sure not to go over budget. It was a lot for one person. One night, I think it was a few days before we were set to shoot. I popped out of the bed with something like an epiphany and the video just started falling into place. Keep it simple and show them what my life is. It was one of those duh moments.

How has it been adapting to life out in Nashville, versus Chicago?

It’s really not much to adapt to, I’m in both cities often. I just spent all last year (2019) going back and forth shooting a movie with Dujuan Austin jr. I had a role in a movie that’s coming out on streaming platforms, It’s called “Faithless”. I still got family, associates, and property up there too.

In terms of themes and messages, what would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you create?

I’m going to answer this one with a quote. “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche. I am the living embodiment of that quote. If you think about it, there is a soundtrack for every event you could go through in life. I provide that. I also want them to leave knowing that lyrically, I am one of the best to ever do it.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Man, Prayer for one. The other would be knowing the steps and or bricks that I’ve been laying have been building my name, my label, and a bright future for me and mine.