"Mr. Bill," Blends Genres In An Electronic Rampage Of Flair

Latech is composed of Psy-trance producer, Oded Krakov and Jazz Saxophonist, Adi Ben Yehuda. Radiating a new age, a funky electronic mashup of modern and reminiscent worlds, this Los Angeles based duo thrive on their sound by combining a smooth brass section, funky guitar riffs, and explosive Electronic production.

Submitting yourself to a deluxe world that combines the golden hues of Jazz, and the buoyant universe of Electronic production, Latech’s latest single “Mr. Bill,” breaks ground as they mesh together a sizzling atmosphere that fuels creative genius. The lively effervescence that this record produces has the listeners succumbing themselves to numerous genres that form this cascade of resonance.

Purely instrumental, you get the chance to embrace the distorted synths, weighty bassline, delicate keys, and of course the infectious essence of the opulent horn section performed. In this poised concoction of high to low frequencies, every sound you hear has its own perfected place in the mix as you zone in on an otherworldly peak of heightened senses.

“Mr. Bill,” acts as the track you can play for any occasion. With the transition between mid to up-tempo dynamism and the flexible structure that is embodied, you’re encouraged to have this song playing in the foreground or background as the soundtrack of your life.

In a world that is so focused on conforming to what's popular, Latech breaks the tethers and creates an unhinged lane of their own. Highlighting their rhythmic escapades through auditory delicacy, Latech takes the cake with, “Mr. Bill.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Latech, and congratulations on this striking arrangement in, “Mr. Bill.” What is the inspiration behind the creation of this song?

Mr. Bill was the first song that we created in the new format of this band. Basically, we tried to combine some glitch and psy electronic sounds with a live brass section and Funky Guitar. Also, we can say but we wanted to combine the old Dixy world with the new Age psy electronics sound.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from, “Mr. Bill?"

Mostly we want to create a song that people will have fun dancing to. something that will shake them up, but also will feel kind of artistic and not corny / EDM.

You both have an unmatched dynamism in the way that you work together! How have you been able to stay inspired through the pandemic to keep on creating music for your audience?

Actually, this period of time just pushed us to do more music we decided that if there are no shows there is more time to do music so we basically went inside the studio and wrote an album in eight months .it would sound kind of stupid but when things get harder and more depressing I felt we found the Comfort Inn making music. Also, both of us are performers in other bands and venues and scenes we don’t have any job cause the entertainment world went to shit. We had way more time to do music.

What can listeners expect from you in terms of releases in 2021?

So as I said before Mr. Bill is the first release of the year and there are seven more to come In the next year. The next releases are even more progressed and in some of them, we Join forces with another musician in the LA area.

What is the main message you'd like to deliver as an artist?

Our music is all about fun and joy and good vibes so basically we wanted to give this feeling to our audience in those disturbing times.