Mr. Blue Drops Cinematic New Single "Taste But Don't Swallow"

An RnB blued tinged guitar expertly wails away as you press play on Mr.Blue's latest release "Taste But Don't Swallow." This independent singer/songwriting comes to us from London UK and is taking notes from funk, hip-hop, Afro, pop, house along with RnB, and infusing it into his pictorial works of sound. "Taste But Don't Swallow" was created for an upcoming motion picture titled " DDUA (till death do us apart)," a horror film centering around zombified exotic dancers who literally devour their clients.

"Taste But Don't Swallow" brings the aura of a dark and sticky night to the sound atmosphere. As we are beckoned into the tack by tribal chants, the funky house beat pumps onto the atmosphere. A tribular chorus sings with a "hide and seek" quality making the listener question what's lurking around the corner. The chorus calls your body out of your seat like a spell has been placed over you, "Everybody dance, but don't swallow." Mr. Blue expels ferocious rhymes with a mood-inducing, cinematic quality; the vocal versatility Mr. Blue exhibits on "Taste But Don't Swallow drives home his ability to carefully construct multidimensional elements on sound that generate an entertaining listening experience. We know you will be entranced by Mr. Blue's latest single "Taste But Don't Swallow; discover it today.

Listen to "Taste But Don't Swallow" here.

Hello Mr. Blue and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling our listeners a bit about yourself and how the project "Taste But Don't Swallow" came about? Thank you for having me. After being signed with Believe Label and having a clip video on national TV in France, I moved to London. I was extremely busy with different types of projects and slowly gave up on Music for six years. It’s only since few after a trip to L.A that my love for Music came back “Taste but don’t Swallow” is one of my new songs bringing the type of vibe I want to give to the listeners. Sun, humor, upbeat music with a mix of the cultures and sonority I like. 

Your latest release was created for an upcoming feature film, and you certainly hit it out of the park pairing a sense of eeriness to the song that corresponds to the film's subject matter. Do you always try to create a certain atmosphere within your songs? Indeed the film has a strange subject evolving in the nightlife, strip clubs and zombies dancers. But it helps to create a story and I like to think of myself as a storyteller. I create all my songs with a little story as a country singer would do for example.  You mentioned you have recently relocated from Paris to London. How does the music community in London differ from Paris and how has your music been influenced by London's music community? Clearly the language and the way to approach lyrics is different. I felt artists in London quite competitive towards each other when in Paris people tend to collaborate more easily. When i first move to London I couldn’t speak a word of English. Now I only write in English  You draw inspiration from several musical genres, how has your own sound evolved from where you started? I started as a rapper but always loved House Music very much, African Latina Caribbean Funk music too. My voice is more adapted to sing Jazz and Crooner type of song. So I decided to mix it all.  What's next for you?

Next for me, more collaboration and maybe an album soon.