Multi-Faceted POLI Releases New Hit “They Say”

Ambient sounds echo on your stereo as you press play on POLI's new single "They Say." This fluid R&B track is enveloped with synthesized vocal stylings and soulful balladry. The layering of sounds creates a multi-dimensional experience for the listener. Clap along with percussive beats, blues-infused guitar riffs, and synthesized soundscapes set to POLI's expressive and imaginative vocals, defines the laws of musical genres. POLI, a shorthand nickname and a twist on the Greek prefix "poly," is the artist name for Polina Zizak. POLI grew up influenced by Jazz, Motown, and Soul and began singing at a young age.

"They Say" is a reflective journey of one's choices in life. Lyrics highlighting the attention and pressure one can feel in life is demonstrated within the lines sung by POLI. Lyrics like, "They say that you need a reason for every move you make," "I don't want to waste my time being under pressure," "don't need to look for me, look for yourself," is a freeing way of expelling unwanted attention and energy being put on by another. We love how POLI expels other notions of mistrust and miscalculations set to such lyrical and musical prowess. We can't wait for you to hear this genre-bending track.

Discover “They Say” here.

Hello POLI and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved the vibes you were able to produce on your latest single “They Say.” Can you tell our listeners more about the song and how you were able to execute your vision on it?

This song was written a few years ago in Spain while studying music performance and production at Berklee College of Music. With my producer AJAE we wanted to create an anthem you could sing to yourself and to others having these hard times finding your own voice, especially, living in an age, when everyone wants to tell each other what to do with their lives. We wrote this song in times of uncertainty, and who knew it could be so relevant now. Musically, our goal was to blend modern pop with R&B and electronic music, adding some of our jazz influence. We truly didn’t have any frames. I can’t name the genre or style of this song, and it’s probably a good thing. I love versatility in my music, and I’ve never wanted to be put in a box. So I keep experimenting with all music genres I love. 

Your music infuses many different soundscapes and themes from a combination of genres. What does the creative process entail for you and how do you blend the different sounds so seamlessly?

I have a lot of different influences from jazz to classical, and I’ve always listened to different kinds of music, just like my music partner. We usually complement each other with contrasting ideas and vision until we find something interesting and unique. Our songwriting process varies from song to song, there’s no particular rule or scheme. 

You mentioned you grew up in a household of musicians, have you always experienced a creative drive to create your own art? And have you always known that art to be music?

I started singing before I could talk. Music was always a big part of my life, thanks to my parents, who played it for me all the time. I have always experienced this drive to create, and I expressed myself through different kinds of art like painting, dancing, playing the piano... I even acted in musicals and drama theatres. There was a period when I wanted to become an actress, but my passion for music and singing was stronger than anything else. I started my professional career when I was 14 and since then never regretted about my choice. But I, of course, still love to try doing other kinds of art as well. It all for sure helps to stay creative overall.

How do you continue to evolve your music? And what elements in your life do you feel contribute to its evolution? What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I continue working on my songwriting and my voice, playing keyboard and learning production. The quarantine is a great chance for all of us to grow and become better versions of ourselves, time to be more productive. I’ve been listening to even more music (old and new) nowadays and I learn a lot from many of my amazing colleagues. It inspires me so much! I feel the biggest mistake musicians (or other creatives) can do is to limit themselves with certain styles, without looking wider. I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. There are thousands of super talented musicians in this city, and I feel this competition, which makes me work harder and inspires me to be better each day. Also, the atmosphere and weather here are just amazing, everyone is creative and opened to give you advice. A lot of friends and creative peers here contributed to my evolution as a musician and person for sure. Exercising and sport also help me to stay connected with my body and mind. As for my 2020 plans, I’m expecting to release a music video for my debut single “On The Line” next month. Very excited to share it with everyone! I’m also planning to release more singles and videos after that, and hopefully a full album by the end of the year. So stay tuned. 

Тhanks for your questions!