Multi-Genre Artist Vintage V Expressed Versatility in 2019

LA-native singer/songwriter Vintage V had a booming year! She seriously rocked it with the vocal performances she gave in noteworthy releases. Artistically, we try to read through Vintage V but it's quite difficult--she isn't the type of artist you can see through and understand at first glance. Vintage V requires layers of her artistry to be peeled back to fully comprehend. She likes to explain her music as constantly changing, and we completely agree. The released music from Vintage V is multi-faceted in all sorts, which we're going to delve deeper into, piece by piece.


Lavender. If you're familiar with the scent, you'll know its goal is to promote calmness and wellness. Vintage V does exactly this in her 2019 track "Lavender", which features the insanely slow and stimulating vocalism of Vintage V. Her method of communication with her listeners is exotic and natural, instilling a blissful sense of self in any person whose ear is peeled to the vibrations and harmonies of Vintage V. We can't deny that there's a prominent ethereal-type feel within the track, and this plays into the hands of Vintage V extremely well, as she's able to easily integrate her angelic vocal delivery.

The end of 2019 will see the release of Vintage V's "La La". We imagine that this track will undoubtedly feature her progressive vocal sound that was so observable within "Lavender". A notable component to the sounding of Vintage V is that you can't expect the same thing over and over again. She's versatile, and so her music exhibits that aspect quite well. We know that we can easily anticipate and elevated and more refined sounding during 2020 for Vintage V, and so now all we have left to do is wait!

Listen to the 2019 soundings of Vintage V here.

Welcome, Vintage V! How have you felt about the way your 2019 was executed artistically? Artistically, I felt that I really studied myself creatively. I created a lot of music that I thought showcased who I was as an artist. I wanted to make sure that the way I was viewed as an artist really came across as clear as possible. I didn’t release as much music as I wanted to by far, but I am happy with what I accomplished in 2019.

"Lavender" was released this year, which was definitely one of our favorite tracks that we saw from you. It's incredibly lush and has such an alluring appeal. Was that a difficult ambiance to create, or does that come naturally with your sound?

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the way that you describe “Lavender”, it shows me that you really love music and that you listen to the artist and study them. You’re awesome! The ambiance that I created with “Lavender”, is typically a sound from me when I am in my element. It's standard and I really enjoy creating music like this.

You're a performing artist, to say the very least! What venue/city have you found to resonate with the most throughout your artistic career thus far?

I don’t think I have found a venue that resonates with my artistic career as of yet. I have a few venues that I am “manifesting” to play this upcoming year! I am really looking to capture that perfect venue that showcases my music. As far as cities, I would say, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, for sure. They always show so much love.

As an artist who has studied the genres of many sounds we hear today, how do you feel you have the advantage of constructing your music and integrating those types of genres within your personalized sounding?

I feel that listening to and studying various genres of music has given me an advantage when it comes to creating music because I am fearless. I am fearless when it comes to writing and recording to a beat with more classical music elements in it, or adding an opera-type of melody or singing simple, airy type of vocals over hard rock style beats, as displayed in my song “All Day Long.” I really love the challenge of creating amazing songs with various styles of music.

"La La" is set to release soon! Incredibly fitting that you're sending off your 2019 musically with another track release! Can you share more with us about the production and stylings of this song? Yes!! “ La-La” is a soft guitar-based beautiful produced track with hints of violins, and drums and cam harmonies. I am really excited to release it. As soon as I do I’m sending it to you all for review of course lol.

We're happy we got the chance to talk over your 2019! Come back soon, and we hope with new music! Other than the release of "La La", what's next for you?

Thank you so much for all of your support and love in 2019. I will be releasing two EP’s in 2020 as well as visuals for most of the songs on them. I hope to tour the majority of the year as well.