Multi-Layered And Intriguing, You Have To Check Out “Light Me Up” By Anree Chess

Indie-pop, rock project Anree Chess was created by singer, songwriter, sound-producer Andrey Belecky in 2015 in Moscow. Anree Chess was born in Tashkent city (Uzbekistan) and began writing songs in 2015. A semifinalist of the Hard Rock Battle Of The Bands in 2019, Anree Chess has started his own concert activity this year!

Light Me Up” comes pouring through the speakers with ethereal vocals and delicate soundscape intricacies. Anree Chess provides elements of melody and lightness and a notably simple vocal line and a string of lyrics, the song is quick to intrigue and leaves its mark upon the listener. “Light Me Up” makes for a few minutes of escapism, leading with lightness and unity, never focusing on one element too strongly. A fascinating project with a strong ear for effective yet subtle melodies and lyrical prowess. Managing to effectively balance organic musicianship with flickers of electronic ambiance and personality, Anree Chess creates a quickly likable vibe and makes for a recognizable yet not intrusive new song. There’s a smooth and honest aura to the whole performance, and indeed to the writing, which introduces the artist in a relatable and enjoyable way. “Light Me Up” is inspiring, relatable and completely captivating. The originality and character of Andrey Belecky’s work is a true explosion of artistry. “Light Me Up” is a well-written and crafted song, even as it fades so gradually into the distance.

Listen to “Light Me Uphere and read more with Anree Chess below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us all about your track “Light Me Up”! What inspired it?

I was inspired by the pain of my old relationship. This song is about love, one-sided love. I called it “acid love”. It’s when you love someone but that person does not feel the same.

Can you dive into details about the lyricism in “Light Me Up”, what line do you think is the most impactful?

All details about the song are directly in the song :)

But there is one thing I want to say.. that acid love has huge power and fuel that allows you to create beautiful things such as writing music, painting, build spaceships, help people but someday it will kill you from the inside.

As for me, the most punch line is in the 2nd verse: “Too much love can someday poison me”.

What are your thoughts on mainstream music today?

became extremely much of music. Lots of artists and songs.. but I would not say that it’s good. Lots of them had lost their features. And the legends are still units.

Because I live in Russia I’ve got a lot of problems with my music because of the language (most people don’t understand English) but what should I do if I have a dream to be a part of the world mainstream music and scene? I’ll just keep doing what I love to do the most :)

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

Different times different songs.

Today I would choose “Labrinth - Mount Everest” because now I relive the time of total loneliness and this song helps me to stay strong..

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

I’m probably an idiot that I created an impossible dream for myself, but I want to get Grammy, whatever it takes. I don’t know when, I don’t know how — but it will happen.


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