Multi-Talented Artist Jkev Music Draws Us In With Emotion

Jkev Music is a producer, rapper, singer, and a classically trained pianist and violinist. With such a wide variety of skills, Jkev allows his talent to shine through his music. With lyrics that take you away to a new place, we are drawn in by this artist's lush vocals and his ability to translate emotion through the depth behind his production. His new song, "The Weekend," touches on what it's like to be caught in a routine and wants to break free from it. This is just one example of this artist's ability to relate his music to mass amounts of people.

Jkev Music creates from the ground up. Catchy yet straightforward lyrics come easily to this artist. Layer by layer, Jkev Music finds a way to communicate his inner thoughts and struggles through his songs. His style comes from a mixture of genres, bringing us the best of each of his influences. With this versatility, his music has now has reached a total of 200k streams. JkevMusic's songs are something we can all relate to right now, and his new single, "The Weekend," has us anxiously waiting for his next release.

You can listen to "The Weekend" here.

Hey Jkev Music, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re moved by your heartfelt approach to writing on your latest single “The Weekend”. Could you share what themes you wanted to stand out on “The Weekend”?

Hey happy to be back! My approach to "The Weekend" was to touch the subject of moving on. Life moves on and we do as well, but a lot of times we want to move on and change, but we keep going back to old habits on the weekend. Two steps forward two steps back.

We love Jkev Music’s ability to go back and forth from perplexing flow to sweet-sounding vocals on your single “The Weekend.” Could you expand how Jkev Music goes about creating a song structure or is your creative process a little different?

I approach a song with a simple melody. From that simple melody I am able to construct a song layer by layer.

When Jkev Music says “staying home is something I’m used to”, were these lyrics written before the world’s current events? Or did the news serve as the main inspiration for writing “The Weekend”?

Those lyrics were written before the pandemic. Although it does create a good representation of my life with or without the lockdown.

Now that Jkev Music is beginning to make waves across the R&B/Hip hop industry, is there anything you’d like to share with our readers about who you are and what Jkev Music wants to represent as an artist?

I have experimented with a lot of genres from hip-hop, alternative, EDM, pop, the list goes on, but R&B is a genre that really speaks to me.

I want to continue experimenting with other styles, but I definitely want to see myself as an R&B artist.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

This year I will continue to create music and hopefully release a second album by Christmas.