Multi-talented Artist Zack Gross Releases New Single “Ignite”

Zack Gross is an experimental artist that began taking piano lessons from the young age of 5, and began composing music shortly thereafter. He completed the piano preparatory program at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, studied classical piano at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, and graduated from the University of Rochester with a minor in music. His music is a blend of various genres, utilizing elements of classical piano, pop, jazz, blues and electronic music.

“Ignite” is a brand new single by Zack Gross. True to his own assessment of his music, Gross uses many experimental elements throughout. Though one might define this single as “electronic”, that alone would be an inaccurate statement. The organ is reminiscent of some jazz and blues, the beat could be under a pop song, and some of the chord changes and melodies have brief elements of classical that just peek through the curtains. The result is an interesting mixture of sounds that come together to make a cohesive single that will leave you with a stimulated feeling, and we highly recommend you check out “Ignite” today!

Listen to Zack Gross' new single "Ignite" here, and get to know Zack below!