Multi-Talented Hip Hop Aiden Jay Premieres His New Song “Black Fila”

Aiden Jay is a multi-talented Rapper and Singer/songwriter from Miami, Florida. Dealing with a significant amount of adversity has led him to create dark yet complex, uplifting music. His new single “Black Fila” mesmerized us due to various reasons. “Black Fila” has a sophisticated instrumental - but it was the hook that captivated us the most. The repetitive lyric “In my black filas” with the diction used on the end of “fila” was very staccato and rhythmically which became integrated into our memory and had us hooked on the song. You found yourself instinctively singing along to the hook by the second time of the song.

Aiden Jay is more than a rapper, he’s also a very talented lyricist. The lyrical message in “Black Fila” was deep. The song stems from a troublesome past yet optimistic future. What really enjoyed about “Black Fila” is Aiden Jay's exhibit of the lo-fi vibe throughout the arrangement of the song. “Black Fila” is calming, peaceful, and relaxing making it an enjoyable hit to vibe out to. “Black Fila” was a well-rounded and great single that anticipates the release of Aiden Jay’s album.

You can listen to “Black Fila” by Aiden Jay, here.