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Multi-talented LA-based Hip Hop Artist CJ Pitts Releases New Single, “Super" ft. Cameron Wright

CJ Pitts is a multifaceted hip hop artist from the east coast that is currently based out of sunny Los Angeles, California. After discovering his passion in 2010, CJ Pitts has submersed himself in his education on the roots of music and draws from a wide inspirational pool. CJ’s debut EP, “Lost Identity”, was released in 2016, and he has been riding the momentum of the wave that it has created to grow as an artist. With his most recent releases, “Beautiful”, “Count On Me” and “Rollin ft. DiorDre”, CJ Pitts is taking the music industry by storm. Music is CJ’s ultimate passion and his chosen vehicle to help the world through art.

“Super" ft. Cameron Wright is the latest single offering by CJ Pitts. The song begins with a funky guitar riff, and soon after the vocals and beat enter simultaneously. This song has a true feature in Cameron Wright. Too often these features have half a verse with another artist, but Wright is utilized in “Super” to great effect, interacting with CJ Pitts in a truly harmonious way, weaving in and out of his vocals seamlessly. The beat itself is actually quite simple, but the same cannot necessarily be said for the lyrics. There are countless overdubs that add varying degrees of rhythmic interest and backup vocals. Sure, one might call CJ Pitts a hip hop artist, but there is so much more to this song than that. The vocal abilities displayed throughout the song are downright impressive, particularly the improvisations that occur towards the end of the song. CJ Pitts definitely has a lot of talent behind this release; this is not your garden variety hip hop artist.

“Super" ft. Cameron Wright comes highly recommended, so why not check him out today here?

Keep scrolling for CJ Pitts exclusive interview with our BuzzMusic team!


Hey, thank you so much for answering a few questions! Can you start us off by briefly describing a bit about your background and how you first got interested in music?

A) Absolutely! I grew up mostly playing sports but I come from a musical family so music was always around me.  My senior year of high school, my family put together an album and asked me to help them out. I recorded some vocals and I fell in love with the process and I had to learn more. I attended a music college in St Paul, Mn and things just took off from there.

How would you describe your writing and/or production process? What happens between having an idea and ending up with the finished product?

A) I have two processes I’d say. A lot of times, I’ll just hear a melody in my head or some lyrics on repeat and I will just develop that idea in my mind and bring it to some friends who can produce my thoughts basically by bringing them to life.  On the other side, I sometimes have instrumentals that I will sit and write to but I will only pick an instrumental if I feel inspired right away and ideas start flowing. 

I'll build the song piece by piece between the verses, choruses, and all the background vocals and then once it’s completed, the engineering comes in and then we have a final product.

Who would you say your all-time biggest influences are?

A) My top three easily are Andy Mineo, Jon Bellion and Chris Brown. I draw so much inspiration from these artist and I’d say they have helped shape my own sound currently. 

You just released a single called “Super ft. Cameron Wright”. Do you do a lot of collaborations? Does this affect or change your approach at all?

A) I love to collaborate because thats how I feel artist can grow the most.  However, for my personal songs I will only ask someone to feature if I see them as a piece to the final puzzle. I’m very specific with my features and do a lot of thinking before I have that person help bring the song to life.

What’s on the horizon for you in the future?

A) Tons of new content coming your way!! I have a few music videos lined up and also working on creating my merch to really help develop that fan love and connection.


Reach out and connect with CJ Pitts for upcoming releases via the artists Instagram!


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