Multifarious Artist Ute Ends 2019 With Song Release "Dream With Me"

The soulful and deep soundings of eclectic artist Ute are back! Ute has released her single "Dream With Me". The track is very abstract in its delivery but cultivates an element of mystery within itself. Ute is very passionate and draws out this passion in a thoughtful way during her music. "Dream With Me" features strong piano soundings, combined with an ethereal feel. Another component we picked up on from Ute was the way she embeds theatrical harmonies within her production, and ultimately her vocal delivery. It's an element to her artistry that truly amplifies her tone and brings about that dramatic-type feel. Ute strives for a traditional and classical harmony in "Dream With Me", bringing back a familiar-sounding within the category itself.

"Dream With Me" will be that eclectic, passé song that you may need on your playlist if it's requiring that operatic feel. "Dream With Me" isn't Ute's first major production, and we can't see it being her last, ultimately due to her persistence with releasing new music this past year! As an artist, she's been maintaining that 2019 tracklist with a variety of other releases. All in all, we know that Ute will be back with new music shortly, so don't fret if you're a fan of her assorted sounds!

Give a listen to Ute's "Dream With Me" here.