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Multiszn Wears His Heart On His Sleeve in, "Way i want you to"

Seattle-based hip hop/r&b artist and singer-songwriter Multiszn releases one of the most romantic and passionate singles we've heard this year with "Way i want you to."

The 17-year-old recording artist began creating music at 14 in hopes of making an impact on the world through his versatile and dynamic pieces. Having polished and reworked his sound over the past three years, Multiszn has now established his new age and melodic sound with help from inspirations like PnB Rock, XXXTENTACION, Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, and DC The Don.

Now releasing his most personal record to date entitled "Way i want you to," Multiszn can be heard expressing his love and devotion for someone who makes his world go round. His stylistic approach blurs the lines of r&b and melodic hip hop, allowing any listener to feel the passion and soul through each sonic and lyrical aspect of this hearty and romantic single.

Listening to "Way i want you to," we're met with a soulful piano sample and haunting vocal chops that sweeten the sonic background. As Multiszn's layered vocal harmonies begin to drift through our speakers, he jumps into the first verse and expands on the limitless passion he holds for someone close to his heart.

We can't get enough of the personal and heartfelt lyrical content that Multiszn has placed into this single, as it reminds us to hold our loved ones close and appreciate them with all we have. As Multiszn continues to pour his heart and soul through our speakers, he makes his way over to the lush outro alongside his serene and atmospheric sonic production.

Experience the passion and love Multiszn has to offer with his latest heartfelt single, "Way i want you to," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Multiszn. We can't get enough of the limitless passion and desire you've placed into your recent single, "Way i want you to." What inspired this profoundly romantic and honest piece?

Making this song was one of my most memorable recording sessions. I feel like I'll never forget the night I made this gem. I made it while I was pretty sick. I had the worst cough of my life. Because of that, it had been over a month since I had last been able to record music. My cough was showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon so on that night at around 10 pm I decided to just go for it. I knew it would really hurt my throat but I thought, "whatever, I'll just record something even if it turns out bad. I just want to record." After the first few vocal takes, I quickly realized something amazing. The constant coughing I had been doing opened up my throat so much that I was able to hit some crazy notes that I hadn't been able to even come close to hitting before. As soon as I realized that, I knew I had to fight through the pain and finish the song all the way through. I proceeded to work on the song with no break until it was done. 10 hours later I had made something special.

What was your songwriting process like when expressing your love and devotion for "Way i want you to?" Was it easy for you to get your emotions across?

Since I was able to sing some unusually high notes I knew I wanted to go with a passionate vibe. So for me, that was a love song. I've been in a happy relationship with this girl for 5 years, so the topics and lyrics came easy to me. They were an accurate representation of my feelings towards her at that very moment, so the lyrics are very authentic and convey very authentic emotions. I made sure the chorus was catchy and relatable so the listeners could really feel me.

How did you go about creating this dense and powerfully passionate sonic atmosphere for "Way i want you to?" Did you work with any producers to help establish the song's vibe and feel?

It really just came from the heart and the moment. I got the instrumental from one of my favorite producers and it perfectly fit the vibe I was inspired to create. Sonically one of my favorite pieces of the song is the background vocals. They create such a soothing, euphoric layer to the mix and really give the song an extra sparkle.

Do you normally create such romantic and passionate songs like 'Way i want you to?" Or would you say that your discography is rather versatile and explorative?

"Way i want you to" is a bit of a wildcard track for me. With my discography, I like to keep a similar sound throughout most releases, but then throw in something experimental every once in a while. I've experimented kind of a lot with R&B and kind of have my own way of doing it. It's not too similar to traditional R&B production-wise and my vocals are definitely more new-age sounding, but that makes it refreshing to listen to since it's something unique. I feel like it's an extremely well-done crossover between R&B and Hip-hop, with various components of each one.

What did you want to make your audience feel after listening to "Way i want you to?" What thoughts or emotions did you want to evoke in the listener?

I just wanted to capture the feeling of love. My vocals are delicate, yet passionate at the same time. I feel like love is the same way, it has a unique way of being a very strong yet gentle emotion. Everyone has experienced the love I feel, and it's a special feeling. My goal was to remind listeners of how it feels, and have them relate to it.

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