Munna Cash Creates a Vivid Experience for Listeners in Recently Released Music Video "Pain"

Munna Cash has finally released the music video for "Pain" and it's seriously such a vibe. Visually, the entire atmosphere that Munna Cash effortlessly creates is vivid and yet, hazy. Munna Cash integrates transition effects within the music video of "Pain" that are both trippy and lucid. Being his fourth released single, Munna Cash professionally puts together the "Pain" music video, which we can ultimately say is a stimulating experience. When "Pain" first came out, we felt the serious energy and flow Munna Cash was able to manifest and pack into the track.

Obviously, when we heard the music video was finally out, we expected that energy to intrinsically match the vibes Munna Cash curates.

Munna Cash doesn't set out to disappoint, which is why we're impressed with the visuals blended together for "Pain". Munna Cash continuously puts out these tracks that give us the needed lively and powerful push (which we desperately need when that mid-day pause comes around). Also, we must note that pain doesn't come across as just that typical hype song, Munna Cash is the type of artist to fill his tracks with personality and true experience. "Pain" is the kind of rap/hip-hop track you'll want to give a listen to, especially if you vibe along to those reflective, yet robust rap productions. 

Check out the music video for "Pain" below!