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Munsi Makes His Heartfelt Debut With Insali To Release, "Kids In Love"

Inspired by nostalgic sonic textures and heartfelt melodies that emerge from late-night sessions in his home studio, Andrew Ampaya, professionally known as Munsi is a Los Angeles-based Songwriter, Producer, and Instrumentalist.

After over a decade of playing keyboards and collaborating in major label bands, most notably Wildling, Andrew began evolving his personal sound, delving deeper into music production, collaborating with other aspiring musicians, thus crafting his own sonic identity.

His debut track, “Kids In Love,” consists of a collection of musical collaborations with longtime friends, Alisa Fidele, better known as Insali amongst others who have been an integral part in keeping the inspiration alive. This debut single is merely a glimpse into the world of Munsi, which has yet to be fully explored.

Tumbling into a utopia of mid-tempo eclectic resonance, we have whisked away through the dynamic soundscape brought to life. The inviting instrumentation creates comfort throughout each power-fueled snare hit creating a thunderous sense of victory swaying our minds back and forth in the composition. “Kids In Love,” radiates a euphoric state as the sparse lyrics have us wanting more from the artist featured in this striking masterpiece that proves less is more.

Presenting the talents of Insali, “Kids In Love,” is an accumulation of ideas that were dusted off and brought back to life after months of both procrastination and moments of pure inspiration. With a minimalistic approach, Munsi truly shines a light on the process of not overthinking creations but rather to let them flow in the natural state that they thrive in.

As we effortlessly sink into our seats and take in the full body of work, we can see the mass appeal surrounding Munsi as he makes his mark in the industry in such a powerful way. Delicately treading on the heavenly words sang by Insali, we announce each word repeatedly as we continue to take in the blissful, “Kids In Love.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Munsi! Congratulations on the release of your debut single, “Kids In Love,” featuring Insali. As longtime friends, what was it like collaborating with one another to bring this song to life?

Thank you! Collaborating with Insali (Alisa Fedele) has always been a really free and inspiring experience. She and I have been playing music together for quite a while but it was only somewhat recently that we started writing and co-producing together. This track is unique in that it was pretty late in the game that I decided I wanted vocals on it. The idea was to add a sort of “sample-sounding”, repeating vocal that could carry the title of the song. I basically just sent her the instrumental track and had her go crazy. She really nailed it and gave me plenty to work with, it was hard to choose which takes to use but it all ended up working out really well. She and I have been chipping away at her debut single and EP for months now and I cannot wait for all of it to be released. What moments or stories inspired the theme behind, “Kids In Love”?

There isn’t much of a story aside from the title just popping into my head as I listened back to the early iterations of the song. The beginning intro synth arpeggiator line inspired a feeling of nostalgia and young love which is how the title came to be. Recording and releasing a track is the disarray of 2020, what challenges did you have to overcome to put out a release this year?

It’s been a long time coming for me with regards to finally focusing on a goal and figuring out what my next moves would be after having been in bands that didn’t work out. I’ve had so many ideas and skeletons of songs that I’ve always shared with my bandmates but for whatever reason, they never turned into anything. It was definitely challenging to sort through all of the repertoire (whilst writing new material). But the goal was to find my sonic identity. I’m still in the midst of trying to find it but I think after this release, it will show itself as I keep writing and releasing music.

In terms of themes and messages, what would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you put forth?

I’ve always been drawn to music that can easily create a memorable backdrop. Whether it be just passing the time with friends or being the song that perfectly soundtracks a poignant moment, I have always tried to approach music creation with the intention of providing a meaningful experience for the listener. I hope that the music I put out does that.

What goals do you have for your music as we move into the new year?

Right now my goal is just to keep writing and releasing material. I’m playing with the idea of collaborating a lot more with various artist friends of mine and releasing a collection of songs, showcasing each singer. We’ll see how it goes but I’m currently working on a handful of collaborations that I’m eager to finish and release real soon.

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