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mUsa Releases “NoMorePhoneCalls”

mUsa is a rapper/producer/artist from New Jersey of Pakistani origin. He makes what can be described as “new wave trap” which is a forward-thinking take on contemporary hip-hop/trap music. mUsa identifies himself as a brown muslim and as a first-generation Pakistani-American which is vital to his artistry. It allows him to have a unique place in the culture and it definitely reflects sonically. Through the deliberate usage of certain sound palette's throughout his music. Stream mUsa's latest single "NoMorePhoneCalls" now available on all streaming platforms. mUsa plans to release an album that is set to drop this Spring 2019.

mUsa released his single titled called “NoMorePhoneCalls” and I instantly thought about “hotline Bling” and the large commercial success that record had. However, both songs are completely different from one another. “NoMorePhoneCalls” is actually more of a laid-back fused together rap and rnb with a subdued smooth trap beat. I was personally a big fan of mUsa lyrics because he said some lines that had me repeating in my head because it was so catchy. The way mUsa constructed his verses was an appealing aspect of the song alongside the snappy and memorable hook. “I won’t pick up, no more phone calls” is the leading lyric in the beginning of the record. “Don’t get in my business, bloody money , you can’t find a witness” it instantly gave me the idea that mUsa was about to charismatically deliver some interesting metaphors and fun lyrics! “NoMorePhoneCalls” is fitting for this summer, where today’s generation is all about stacking money, having fun, and progressing themselves!

Listen to “NoMorePhoneCalls” here and get to more about mUsa below!


Hello! Can you tell our readers about yourself and your music?

go by the name of "mUsa". I'm an artist/rapper from New Jersey, first generation Pakistani-America. As a brown muslim my identity is reflected through my music both thematically and sonically. I make is described by many as "New Wave Trap."

What would you like your new fans to know about you?

I've been making music seriously since 2014. I create every aspect of my art down to the cover art, to the mixing/mastering, the lyrics, video fx, etc.

What is “NoMorePhoneCalls” about?

I cooked that back up in January earlier this year. It was a whole mood for 2019. Just an upbeat, light-hearted yet heavy hitting banger. I ain't hitting no one back this year unless they already gang.

What’s your personal favorite element of the song?

With this one, it's appeal isn't the lyrical content; it's honestly just the way I said everything. I personally think it's iconic. I fuck with the chorus heavy, even when it's me just repeating "No More Phone Calls / I Won't Pick Up" everything from the instrumental to the way I delivered it was fly. It was all a freestyle.

What’s next for you?

Album dropping > 1 month.


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