Music Duo ITSTALENTNIGHT Bring Life into "We Are Who We Are"

Straight out of Los Angeles, CA, ITSTALENTNIGHT is truly a versatile music duo. ITSTALENTNIGHT consists of artists Cobain Rivers and Zach Dorothy. The duo's sound brings in iconic Electronic/Dance elements, but the duo's lyricism is executed in a rapping manner. The general mood of ITSTALENTNIGHT is fun and lively. They'll blend in lyricism that is effective and holds value but keeps the overall atmosphere pretty light with the choice of production they use in their tracks. This especially goes for the duo's recent track "We Are Who We Are", which highly features that fun, yet contemplative mood.

"We Are Who We Are" has such a combined effect, it's insane! ITSTALENTNIGHT makes their track over the top with its electronic appearance and general ambiance. The track opens with an atmospheric vibe with the integrated synths, which eventually gets blended into that Pop/Electronic milieu. Once their verses are integrated, you realize that ITSTALENTNIGHT raps with grace and flow. The flow is hard to fabricate for any rapper, but the duo's verses come across in the most comprehensible manner. Listening intently to the lyricism, you truly get into the mind of ITSTALENTNIGHT and their inner thoughts. Such inner thoughts are vivid, and at times, incredibly comical. The comical side to ITSTALENTNIGHT's music is definitely a staple to the duo's sound. They know how to charm their way through to their listeners, which is so incredibly important as an emerging duo. We highly suggest you check out "We Are Who We Are" if you're craving an integrative blend of Electronic/Hip-Hop!

Listen to ITSTALENTNIGHT here.