MUSIC VIDEO: Cash Burner 5000 Unleashes His Sensual Side in "Everytime She"

If you aren't already familiar with the likes of Cash Burner 5000, then now is your opportunity to become accustomed to his characterizable sound.

Cash Burner 5000 is the type of Hip/Hop artist that prefers to keep his music as straightforward as possible. That means the themes and messages projected within his tracks are often outlining his own personal life, and keeping in tune with lighthearted topics that can stimulate a variety of listeners.

Cash Burner 5000 isn't afraid to express himself in whichever way he pleases, and his most recent music offering shows more sensuous and lush aspects of his romantic life.

Cash Burner 5000 has released his largely anticipated music video for the track, "Everytime She", which features a multitude of sensual imagery. "Everytime She" is all about outlining the sexual fun of lust, as well as the lifestyle that can result from living lustfully. Cash Burner 5000 keeps his tone consistent throughout the track and keeps the storyline simple so that listeners are able to put their main focus on the visuals presented in the music video.

There's definitely a certain level of confidence needed in order for Cash Burner 5000 to be as bold as he is in "Everytime She", and he emulates that confidence with ease.

All in all, the visuals were kept simplistic within "Everytime She", and Cash Burner 5000 ultimately took the tracks opportunity to hone in on his voluptuous pride.

Hello Cash Burner and welcome to BuzzMusic. The visuals presented in "Everytime She" follows a clear-cut pattern. How would you describe the way you went about choosing the projected imagery of the track's music video?

I told the director loelxrd aka James I wanted to shoot on the beach we went to Seaside New Jersey. The song is a vibe, so it just made sense. In the beginning, I wasn’t going shoot this song as a video to me I had a better quality of records I recorded about 14 records then my engineer Alkatraxx chopped it down to about 7 records for the project. I played the project for one of my video directors Jay Starr and this was one of the songs that stood out to him. The more I listened to it I saw the vision for it, and it kept replaying in my head it turned out good.

It became very apparent that "Everytime She" featured a distinct narrative. Would you say that you're usually inclined to share personal narratives of your romantic life? Do you find it easy to communicate your sensual side with your music?

I’m girl crazy anyway but the lady in the video is dear to my heart I love her, so it made it easy to shoot with her. I always try and show love to the females and I take personal experiences with my life and put in my music. The one thing I would have done differently I would of soften the second verse. These records have always been me though its my personality my character my style. It’s being received well and it's one of my top records out. Kisses Hugs and a lot of Love to Alejandra.

What kind of mood were you hoping to leave your listeners in with the release of "Everytime She" and its respective music video?

This song I want you to feel whatever emotion that puts you in a good mood. Its happy fun loving playful. If you got a girlfriend if you’re a playa lol, I know for myself every time she is happy when she sees me so yeah good energy good vibes if the listeners are left feeling good, I know I did my job.

Were there any major obstacles that presented themselves during the manifestation of the music video for "Everytime She"? Would you say the production of the video went smoothly?

The shoot went well, Alejandra is a beautiful person she drove three hours to come to do the video with me. We had good energy all day it was one of my favorite music videos that I shot cause it the first time I got to shoot with somebody dear to me nah mean. It was funny to read some of the comments because they said it looked forced no it really wasn’t it was dope it was people looking and coming up to me thinking we were a couple. The video director even said the chemistry was super dope he was asking me questions after lol. It was a good day a memory forever.

What's next for you?

The Mocha project is out on October 16. Life of Rapper is the next visual which is already shot will be released soon. This will be my 8th indie project. Honestly, I’m looking to work with Roc Nation I have an article in the XXL magazine coming a couple of shows before the year is out one after my project drops. Everything is looking good.