MUSIC VIDEO DEBUT: Healthy Junkies Release Funky Video for "Just a fool"

The UK-based band Healthy Junkies have recently put their creative efforts into conceiving the music video for their fierce single "Just a fool". You're getting a personalized and quite intriguing experience with what Healthy Junkies records as part of their video. The music video makes use of a crazy and wild environment, which is absolutely fitting for how the visuals this particular track required. Healthy Junkies are shooting down expectations with "Just a fool", and highlighting to listeners what they're all about in one music video! 

This music video for "Just a fool" has an incredibly unique take on a grungy production set. Making use of their personalized ideology of electric performance, Healthy Junkies keep up that characterizable energy throughout the entire video of "Just a fool". Which, we must note is impressive because the entire track contains an electrified intensity, which truly never dissipates. It's very much an understatement when we say their creativity in the music video for "Just a fool" is eclectic. Eclecticism is the very definition of what it is they've produced for "Just a fool". The track in itself contains much more of a refined atmosphere that has surging electricity course through its entirety. Healthy Junkies give a memorable experience with their music video release, which starts off their 2020 in the best way possible! 

Discover the music video for "Just a fool" here