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Music Video Premiere: Swarming With Infectious Grooves, Akira AK Offers Up, "Mute (Dance Version)"

Connecticut based Pop singer and songwriter Akira AK, or also commonly known as, Akira, is best known for his booming voice, catchy melodies, and command of emotion in his songwriting.

What makes Akira AK’s songwriting unique is his blend of personal experience and perspectives, with the ideas, themes, and characterizations drawn on from nerdy media, such as cartoons, comics, and anime while creating his own unique perspective on life, love, and overall relationships.

Between his music and his philanthropic endeavors, Akira AK has established himself as a unique and well-rounded artist: both with a fine eye (and ear) for detail, as well as a strong connection and commitment to his community.

Akira AK dazzles his audience with the most recent release of his single, “Mute (Dance Version).” Creatively, he takes this profound content and gives it a danceable ambiance that offers up infectious grooves through the depth of intrapersonal lyrics. The deep timbres of Akira AK’s vocalization dip into heartfelt emotion poured over a cup of realism. Through the Electro-Pop liveliness that the instrumentation carries forth, airy synths create a sonic road that has you traveling through the striking masterpiece that is, “Mute (Dance Version).”

Sweeping you away into a pensive ether whirling between themes of pain in a conscious mind, Akira AK tells a somber tale of parting ways with someone who was once such a large part of your life. With the captivating elements that glisten through the composition, we are encouraged to reflect on the subdued moments that have us transported into an empire of melancholy, we bask in the glorious expressions that the performance of Akira AK leaves us reminiscing on long after the track is over. As he continues to reach for the stars, we stay fixated on the harmonious melodies that shine bright in, “Mute (Dance Version).”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Akira AK, and congratulations on the release of, “Mute (Dance Version).” What inspired you to kick off 2021 with the release of a danceable version of your affectionately known single, “Mute?"

Ah, thank you!! This release was a LONG time coming, so I’m happy it’s finally out there! And to get right into your question, the reason I wanted to start out the year releasing this new version of “Mute” is that I wanted to start the year off with an accomplishment: which is releasing music. It might be pure nepotism, but in 2020 I had so many plans to record and release music that couldn’t come to fruition because of the pandemic. That being said, I was sitting on this song, waiting for the right time to put it out there, and long behold – the top of 2021 was it! Figured the message of the song could use some bass and synth to really introduce it into a new year.

Could you go into some detail about what story inspired the creation of this track?

The song was originally a part of the deluxe package of my first EP “Autotune + Heart”, and was intended to be a special gift for people who went the extra mile and purchased the physical “art card” of the EP. That being said, concerning the actual track itself – I actually started out making dance music in college and wanted to explore my musical roots with this re-imagining of the song. The biggest difference between my music when I was in college and my work now is the songwriting has more direction, purpose, and finesse to it. In that sense, I wanted to prove that content and messages like what “Mute” is talking about can still stand on their own with a danceable beat and synths. As Lady Gaga said famously at the start of her career: “Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow”. I’ve taken that message to heart ever since I started creating music and want to prove that point right with my own pop music – add my perspectives, experiences, and arrangements to the landscape.

With each artist approaching their craft in a different manner, do you happen to have a favorite part of the creative process?

Hmmmmm that is a great question! When thinking about it, I would say that my favorite part of the creative process is writing the chorus. For me, pop music has always been about the chorus and how catchy you can make it. (I mean it’s in the name! “POP” music! It’s not short of “popular” for nothing!) Whenever I bring myself to write THEE chorus for a song, I always get excited because I know at that point, 1/3 of the song is already finished (I mean formulaically it is), and when it’s a chorus I can envision other people bopping and/or emphatically screaming too – then imagining how the song should be performed, how the visuals for the song should be presented, and where it lies in an upcoming tracklist all fall into place. For me, I always write songs that I know I will want to perform on a big stage. In that way, I am very maximalist about the creative process – and the chorus exemplifies the most maximalist part of a song. IMO IMO.

In terms of upcoming projects, what are you looking most forward to in the year 2021?

I gotta say, what I’m looking forward to the most is getting back into the studio and getting back into finishing the songs I was working on for my upcoming EP. I’ve always said that being in the studio feels like a second home, second workplace – and if there has been one reoccurring theme from my Dec. 2020 Instagram challenge, it was the reveal that I am a workaholic (in a fun way, in a fun way), so calling a place a “workplace” is something I hold in high regard. Also what I have in store is recording a second music video for one of these upcoming tracks. All I can say about them is that they are some of my most coveted pieces of music because I wrote bits and pieces of them back when I started making music in college and when I went to look back and see if there were any parts of my old works I wanted to incorporate into my music going forward, I found that these stood the test of time and am EXCITED to bring them to life in 2021!



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