MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE: Aiden Myers is Cool and Calm in Latest Single "Help Me"

Aiden Myers has got it all figured out with his artistry. Aiden Myers's story begins with his investigation into his character started long ago, and since then, Aiden has only flourished with his growth. Aiden Myers is also all about providing raw and personal experiences to his listeners to form that integral and more intimate bond. Artistically, Aiden has seen his fair share of hardship, which he has used to his advantage to continue his advancement as an artist. He ultimately wants his voice heard and uses his quirks to emotionally release his musical manifestations.

Aiden Myers released his track titled "Help Me", along with the tracks explorative music video. Aiden Myers keeps up a cool and collected artistic persona throughout "Help Me", and has that creamy pop/electronic delivery. "Help Me" is the exact kind of track you can expect to hear on your local Pop Hits radio station, as Aiden Myers really took "Help Me" to hone in on those flavourful pop characteristics. The music video follows along with the content that the track has to offer, and Aiden Myers allows listeners to venture along with him and his storyline. Aiden Myer's music video focuses on the journey aspect of "Help Me", and all of the self-reflection involved in this particular track. You'll want to listen to "Help Me" if you're in the mood for a softly buzzing pop single.

Discover Aiden Myers in his recent release, "Help Me", here.

Hey Aiden! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your recent single and its music video "Help Me" has been recently released to the music world, and we're wondering how the overall feedback for the song has been?

Hi guys! It's been great so far, I think a lot of people are connecting with the record so I'm happy!

What would you say was the genuine takeaway message from "Help Me"? Was there a specific feeling and/or emotion you wanted to impart to your listeners with the track?

Oh absolutely! Help Me is my personal anthem of the anxious feelings I've been going through for quite a while.  The song talks about mental health and my own personal struggles with it and the message is that it's ok to not be ok. I really feel that putting out something so raw and naked it will help other people open up and talk about their feelings.

You've come a long way, both personally and artistically. With all of the struggles you've faced with your own personal mental health, do you feel that your music ultimately reflects the perspective you've honed in on in the past years?

I think every accomplishment and goal you achieve while battling mental health is huge. Each success is a stepping stone to feeling better and ultimately a way to overcome all the hardships in your life. 

It goes without saying that your music acts as a platform and voice for many others who are unable to have their own. Are you able to share your ultimate intentions regarding your music with our listeners?! How do you really want to make your listeners feel, and what do you want them to think of with the content of your sound?

I want people to use my music for anything they want. Music hits people in all different ways, but for me, I just want people to be able to find comfort and maybe some relatability in my music, as a way for them to not feel alone and single voiced. It's all great when people say "oh that song sounds nice", or "wow the production is really good", but at the end of the day, it's about listening to the lyrics and finding the little things you can connect to.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Well for now due to covid19, things are kinda at a stop, but I hope to keep putting out music and have the album come out sometime in the summer followed by a tour! I also find ways to stay connected with fans so that's been fun!