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Music Video Release: Cheap Synths “Devastate"

Cheap Synths just released their music video today for “Devastate” and we can't get enough of it. We’re feeling pretty fulfilled to have finally found a band that incorporates everything we want and look for in a good quality song, video and beyond! Cheap Synths is the definition of a band transforming a category. The newly signed (Rough Trade) band takes their production to an entirely new and improved level by combining the most loved and generated sounds we hear today, with their own unique take on the alternative rock scene.

Cheap Synths's detailed visual will have you feeling completely rejuvenated after watching. In the introduction of the video, the band showcases a whimsical personality trait while wearing costume heads of different animals, with wearing the same colored jumpsuit. This already intrigues the viewer by showing off good humor and a sense of style. As we continued to watch this intricate video, we become, in a way, inspired! The band rides around the city at night wearing these costumes and simply enjoying the "in the moment" vibe. While the lyrics of the music hints the theme of freedom and living life to the fullest, the body language and silent dialogue presented in the video complement the theme nicely.

What was real cool about this video was how it seems like the band drove into “fame” so to say. As they ride continues, the time changes, everyone around is capturing photos of the interesting looking people in the car who has become the center of attention. The audience in the video becomes mesmerized by them, the same way we were mesmerized while viewing the video. Although this visual showcases a significant amount of elements of fun and charisma, we believe there’s an underlying message beneath it all. Cheap Synths strategically appealed to our emotions by radiating energy, appealed to our thinking by evoking a sense of nomadic wonderment for the meaning of the video, and all around delivered a great video!


We were also blown away with how similar they sound to the most amazing aspects of 21 Pilots and AWOLNATION and yet still coining some of the vibes we get from the most iconic records by artists such as Tame Impala, MGMT and Cage The Elephant. We have never heard a band incorporate so many of our favorite sounds into one song, and we’re over the moon that they did with this one!

Watch Cheap Synths eclectic video “Devastate” here.

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